A Complete Guide to Marketing Strategy For Mcdonalds

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MC DONALDS is one of the leading food chain brands touching the lives of people every day. As a brand it started in California during the 1940s as a restaurant by two brothers Richard and Maurice mcdonald,mainly it started as a popular teen hangout place.To feed the teens age people the brothers reduced the menu to only hamburgers,and then expanded their business to four restaurants by 1953.For further expansion after their success in 1955,the entrepreneur Ray kroc bought the right to franchise mc donalds as a globalized brand.after that he renamed it to mc Donald corporation in 1960,kroc focused mainly on family meals for children,spending huge amounts heavily on television advertising.today,the mcdonald family has exceeded to about 30,000 restaurants globally and serves over 50million people in more than 100 contries each day.between 1969 and 2005 mc Donald strategies were displayed on the business pages of the NEW YORK TIMES displayin repeatedly the American success story in the united states important news paper.however,the brand also faced many criticism in the news for the labour ,environmental issues and its expanding empire.the critics mainly voiced concerns and anxieties about the problems of the youth labour ,its impact on the community values and the healthy lifestyles of people.

Effective Marketing Strategy For Mcdonalds

Mcdonald’s begin the market research from the year 1999,they are continuously involved in new and fresh marketing strategy for the brand.the high-turnover consumer spending and spending is quite interesting,it is very important for the company to maintain the consumer’s loyalty,to retain the consumer long-term,the market research is done by observing the people’s behaviour at the restaurant and identifying the customer.Mc Donalds starts their marketing campaign by advertising on television and radio then through the newspaper and magazines then banners,the company started studying the consumption statistics in the market then use the data to decide on the product pricing.Mc Donalds’ research shows that the well-educated customers are likely to use the internet to look for local or special offers not the advertising.the company also found that the consumers have more doubts about the product quality,they depend on ‘word of mouth’ and face-to-face interactions.This research led the company to improve the quality of the products and improve the products’ reputation.

How to Position That Can Attract Consumer

With the shift from traditional to new media and to focus on the new distribution channels,McDonald’s decided to use a computer-based technology to connect customers to the company.The American fast food giant McDonald’s has been using tools such as the Fry by reebok, Sloggers, Nike Fuelband, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Fitbit, and Sportwatch to increase the energy it generates from the everyday activities of its consumers.McDonalds have changed its image from using the C-pops and the C-tents to using clean fresh food and natural ingredients in food.With these new tools,McDonalds has been able to create a consistent context of its brand,change customer’s perception of the company and keep the customers loyal to keep the spending high.

How to Redesign the Logo

Mcdonald’s is quite interesting because of its different kind of advertising strategies.Some of the strategies are:a.The company started using advertising on TV and radio programmes when the founders started their business in the 1940s;b.Mc Donalds has always used several different advertising strategies and promotions to boost sales,if the sale data for the month are low they use specialized deals and coupons.For example,for the b-day festival they offered buy one get one free,for high consumption day,they offered free Mcflurry for the first time,and in the summer,they introduced “happy meals” which is a smaller sized hamburger or fish sandwich with a drink and side order with the price of a full-size meal.c.McDonalds has relied on highly-contested search terms to promote its brand such as Crunch Time for its home made burgers, McFlurry, Happy Meal and Luv Luv Sauce.In addition to the famous Golden Arches,the company also uses many symbols to express its brand such as “M,”the bite-size squid in the ocean and the “aloha side dish” for its Hawaii outlet.

How to Grow in International Markets

Can you imagine if you are a corporation and you have never been in a new market,but they are expanding to reach more consumers,how hard it will be to persuade the consumers to switch from old products and services.This is what the company faced.J.W.Williams,Mcdonalds (USA) CEO opened branches in Japan,China and the UK,and mainly focused on developing McDonald’s brand name in the global markets.At the end of the 1950s,the company used its core business strategy to introduce a new meaning in the product;that is,” global customer service”.

The company looks for opportunities in other countries for building a multi-national brand.Mc Donalds do not want to destroy its Mcdonalds environment,but they do want to have all the global consumers understand that they are not a company which has only its exclusive markets,they want consumers to appreciate and recognise their brand image.

Mcdonalds decided to sell its product in the international markets through a franchise system.The company wanted to control the quality of service and the environmental conditions of its food outlets.The company wanted to expand into as many as possible markets,and therefore it was necessary to be in every nation and market.As a modern corporation,the company was totally reliant on technology and through the use of the internet,the company produced various advertising materials and open information to all the hungry consumers all over the world.The company also want to expand and capture new markets because in a global environment,every idea is just a phone-call away and they must keep the business moving.

Investment Strategies

Mcdonalds decided to raise the prices of its products as a way of maintaining the spending amount of its customers.As the company’s numbers keep growing,its revenue and profits keep on increasing.The company is investing millions of dollars and hundreds of employees is spending millions of dollars on the technology and the graphics of the brand.Thus the company’s average profit per restaurant is increasing and its total earnings keeps on increasing in the global market.

“McDonald’s Corporation provides its products and services through the use of its subsidiaries and affiliates,which include Domino’s Pizza,Watchdog Brand,McDonald’s LLC,Regional Brands,Rainforest Cafe,T.G.I. Friday’s,Jamba Juice,El Pollo Loco,I.S.P. and Burger King.The company receives the major part of its operating revenue from the sale of food products which are sold and distributed through the McDonald’s restaurants,McDonald’s France and the McDonald’s Canada.”

“McDonald’s Corporation is also active in the real estate development business and presents in excess of three hundred million square feet of office and retail space in over twenty-nine countries,which is leased for office and retail purposes.As the real estate activity of the company continues to expand,the company is investing millions of dollars to purchase land to open new shops and restaurants and new shops and restaurants.”

Do’s and Dont’s of Marketing Strategy For Mcdonalds

McDonalds decided to make a marketing strategy that promotes the best of its products and services in a market which is big enough to serve the demand of the whole the country.McDonalds in the south america did not created any restaurants, but they used a new marketing strategy and a new idea,this technology transformed the company.These strategies include:

McDonald’s (At a local level)

Get to know your customers: Mcdonalds needs to understand the specific needs and attributes of its customers and use this knowledge in the production and the supply of its service.

Give Customer the right attention: You can always get your customer attention by being a good service provider.

The company also gives its customers an opportunity to experience the different tastes of new and healthy food as they can use 100% fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, for example.

Support your local economy: Supporting your local economy is the most important step because companies are responsible for the creation of job opportunities in a local community.

The company has been a great supporter of the local economy business and this has helped the local economy of over 100,000 customers.

The company wants to be associated with the local community and wants to rotate the produce from their suppliers;Animal Kingdom zoo in Orlando,Florida.

The company purchases local,organic and real meat and vegetables to support the economy.

Localisation: The company is aware of the localisation market in the region and so they started communicating with the indigenous culture centre of the region to develop their new product.

The company’s strategy for localisation was simple,it mainly include:

Translating and adapting the available resources to the specific area.

The company started using various advertising techniques such as through cartoons,movies,posters and poems.

Local theme parks such as Disneyworld,the Magic kingdom and other theme parks were in conjunction with McDonalds for creating a link between the McDonalds and the local area.

Mc Donalds (at a national level)

The company was aware of the fact that it had to attract the attention of the consumer all over the world,and so it had to communicate with the country management in addition to its local partners.The company started to concentrate on the global marketing strategy and this strategy helped the company to expand its service to thousands of nations in short period.The company is currently active in nine hundred nations in the world.

The company had the idea of using globalisation and technology to create a globally-recognised service.The company anticipated a restaurant in every state and country in the world.The company had asked its local partners to open their restaurants in the states and countries of other countries.

The company’s strategy to expand around the world include:

The company found out more information about the market and customer preferences and presents information through, for example, posters and billboards of the brand to create a single image for the customer.

The company also offers various equipment and good service as the company always tries to satisfy its customer.

One example of this strategy is the opening of a store in a new country.The company’s Australian partner,McCain Foods Enterprises, has opened their stores in the capital city of Wellington in the early 1900s and other capital cities such as Canberra,Sydney,Melbourne and Salt lake city.

Mc Donald’s (on a global scale)

Mcdonalds is also active in the global marketing activity because they use digital technology on a global scale to create a global image and brand.

The company is one of the leaders in the digital marketing world by having an active rivalry with its competitors.

Mcdonalds uses a variety of technology tools in the world to create a globally recognised brand.

The company uses social network technologies like, online meeting,e-commerce and video.

The company’s strategy to establish itself in a new business sector includes:

The company uses multi digital tools to be in line with the latest technology.

The company communicates with efficiently so that its message can reach to the customer,for example, it has a collection of short videos to help in the delivery of the message.

The company wants to be a global company and so it uses social media methods in a way to be in a position to be a trusted and honoured company.

The company uses modern technology on a global scale to benefit the customers.

Localisation: We know that localisation is an important part of a country’s economy and so the McDonalds coplalates with the country’s indigenous cultures in order regain its customers.

The company’s involvement with local culture includes, for example:

The company produces videos,anthologies and poems of local and indigenous culture. In the USA these videos are edited for the creation of an international standard of innovative, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.

The company uses local indigenous songs and dances for the production of a product which is related to them.

The company buys products from the local people in the country when the company can in return buy products from the local people in the country.

The company spends millions of dollars to expand the local culture in the country because of of the connection with the local culture,the company can access local resources.

The company can enter into a culture without triggering the disrespect of ancestors.


McDonald’s is a world-renowned brand that is known throughout the world.Mcdonalds is known for its innovative technology and its success is proof of the fact that it uses new idea and new technologies to promote its business.Mcdonald’s is a world famous company that opens up in many state and countries through every area.

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