Top Digital Media Companies and Startups in the UK

4 years ago

This article showcases some of the most popular players in the Digital Media space. Our analysts selected these companies for a variety of reasons. This list may include both state and private ventures providing the most value within the Digital Media industry.

Data sourced from Crunchbase and SEMRush.

Top Digital Media Companies

Financial Times

The Financial Times is a business news organization providing essential news, comments, data and analysis for the global business community.

Monthly Visits25574123
Page Views / Visit1.9
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1003%
Average Visits (6 months)28491921.5

Channel 4

Channel 4 provides public broadcasting services via television.

Monthly Visits18377721
Page Views / Visit2.41
Monthly Visits Growth0.1453%
Average Visits (6 months)17531637.67


DAZN is the world’s first truly dedicated live sports streaming service.

Monthly Visits17396982
Page Views / Visit2.92
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0299%
Average Visits (6 months)14383781.83


Mixcloud is an online long-form audio platform providing content such as radio shows, podcasts and DJ mixes.

Monthly Visits11059978
Page Views / Visit2.39
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1316%
Average Visits (6 months)13703052.5

Rock Paper Shotgun

Rock Paper Shotgun is a United Kingdom-based PC gaming blog that offers PC game reviews, news, and more.

Monthly Visits10581591
Page Views / Visit1.96
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0065%
Average Visits (6 months)11733276.17

Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal Football Club is a multi media production company representing a diverse & exciting international talent roster including Director.

Monthly Visits10551602
Page Views / Visit2.61
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1025%
Average Visits (6 months)9437595.67

Comedy Central

Comedy Central is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that produces funny videos, comedy apps, jokes, news, and more.

Monthly Visits10102067
Page Views / Visit3.37
Monthly Visits Growth0.2061%
Average Visits (6 months)8118494.33

Blasting News

Blasting News is the leading social news publisher. Where every voice counts.

Monthly Visits9396189
Page Views / Visit1.45
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1893%
Average Visits (6 months)11772046.17

AOL Europe

AOL is a global advertising-supported Web company, with display advertising network in the U.S., a substantial worldwide audience, and a

Monthly Visits8449432
Page Views / Visit2.25
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0941%
Average Visits (6 months)11372762


KentOnline is a news company.

Monthly Visits6202308
Page Views / Visit2.6
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0325%
Average Visits (6 months)6770348.67


TrustedReviews is one of the U.K.’s premier tech news and reviews sites covering everything from phones to laptops and vacuums to games.

Monthly Visits5818769
Page Views / Visit1.47
Monthly Visits Growth-0.078%
Average Visits (6 months)6724920.5


GiveMeSport is a print-based sports publication which celebrates athleticism in all its diverse forms.

Monthly Visits4477385
Page Views / Visit1.3
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1028%
Average Visits (6 months)4888098.67


DriveTribe is a digital media platform that allows businesses to create & publish automobile-related contents to their customers.

Monthly Visits2941389
Page Views / Visit1.73
Monthly Visits Growth0.0886%
Average Visits (6 months)2571791.67


Reedsy connects authors and publishers with the world’s best editors, designers, and marketers to create high-quality books.

Monthly Visits2672685
Page Views / Visit2.21
Monthly Visits Growth0.0201%
Average Visits (6 months)2413826.83

Channel 5

Channel 5 is a television network that offers a broad mix of content, including factual programs, entertainment, reality, sport, and 5 News.

Monthly Visits2073302
Page Views / Visit1.87
Monthly Visits Growth0.1394%
Average Visits (6 months)1960619.83

HMV Group

HMV group is a British entertainment retailing company operating in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Monthly Visits1924030
Page Views / Visit3.31
Monthly Visits Growth0.1582%
Average Visits (6 months)1708819

Penguin Books

Penguin Books is a company that develops book apps for the iPhone.

Monthly Visits1567005
Page Views / Visit1.89
Monthly Visits Growth0.0856%
Average Visits (6 months)1439797.67

Government Digital Service

The Government Digital Service is a team within Cabinet Office tasked with transforming government digital services.

Monthly Visits1049572
Page Views / Visit1.43
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0258%
Average Visits (6 months)1080167.83


Nickelodeon, a cable and satellite television network, features animated shows, movies, comedies, and programs aimed at children.

Monthly Visits809073
Page Views / Visit3.35
Monthly Visits Growth0.0171%
Average Visits (6 months)879243.33


Bounty supports families in the transition to parenthood, through each key life stage, from pregnancy to birth to toddler to pre-school.

Monthly Visits689746
Page Views / Visit2.91
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2396%
Average Visits (6 months)1120466.33

National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait Gallery is a digital entertainment company located in Greater London.

Monthly Visits672808
Page Views / Visit3.13
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0172%
Average Visits (6 months)577973


ITProPortal is a website that features technology news, reviews, and analysis from around the globe.

Monthly Visits625427
Page Views / Visit1.18
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0808%
Average Visits (6 months)603156.17


SendOwl is a software company that develops tools for selling digital products through social media and blogs.

Monthly Visits605704
Page Views / Visit2.78
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1515%
Average Visits (6 months)1069649.5


SuperAwesome offers kid-safe tools and technology for the children’s digital media ecosystem.

Monthly Visits584551
Page Views / Visit2.11
Monthly Visits Growth0.9972%
Average Visits (6 months)827396.83


7digital is the global leader in B2B end-to-end digital music solutions.

Monthly Visits564102
Page Views / Visit1.75
Monthly Visits Growth0.0597%
Average Visits (6 months)531224.5

Politics Home

Politics Home acts as an intelligent filter, providing minute-by-minute coverage.

Monthly Visits474718
Page Views / Visit1.23
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3956%
Average Visits (6 months)748428.33


AVS4YOU provides software for digital audio, video, image and document processing.

Monthly Visits451302
Page Views / Visit1.65
Monthly Visits Growth0.5397%
Average Visits (6 months)405040.17


iROKOtv is a web-based platform that provides free and paid-for Nigerian films on-demand.

Monthly Visits325752
Page Views / Visit2.75
Monthly Visits Growth0.2127%
Average Visits (6 months)276489.83

Milkround Online

recruitment sites for recruiters

Monthly Visits263797
Page Views / Visit2.41
Monthly Visits Growth0.2574%
Average Visits (6 months)251842.67


BetXpert is a well-known brand who are renowned for quality journalistic content and an objective view of the gambling industry.

Monthly Visits258987
Page Views / Visit2.69
Monthly Visits Growth0.9163%
Average Visits (6 months)143423.17

Digital Agency Network

Digital Agency Network (DAN) is an all-in-one platform to discover the best digital marketing agencies in the world.

Monthly Visits241446
Page Views / Visit1.23
Monthly Visits Growth0.237%
Average Visits (6 months)187997.5

Argus Media group

Argus Media group is a global energy and commodity price reporting agency.

Monthly Visits211439
Page Views / Visit2.09
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0544%
Average Visits (6 months)243922.67

Immediate Media Co.

Immediate Media Co. is a special interest content and platform company.

Monthly Visits195903
Page Views / Visit1.47
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0031%
Average Visits (6 months)218831


VistaBee is a digital content creation platform, operating across real estate, news, automotive, food and lifestyle markets.

Monthly Visits192975
Page Views / Visit8.99
Monthly Visits Growth-0.075%
Average Visits (6 months)114621.67

PA Media

PA Media is a Creative Content Experts that deliver top-tier, multi-media coverage in international & national.

Monthly Visits188728
Page Views / Visit17.7
Monthly Visits Growth11.3967%
Average Visits (6 months)68960.17


WPP creates transformative ideas and outcomes for its clients through an integrated offer of communications, commerce, and technology.

Monthly Visits187114
Page Views / Visit4.68
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0933%
Average Visits (6 months)191032


WIREWAX is the leading interactive video technology company.

Monthly Visits185307
Page Views / Visit9.62
Monthly Visits Growth0.7846%
Average Visits (6 months)159597

Absolute Radio

Absolute Radio is a UK-based radio station and media presence whose charter is to play classic album tracks.

Monthly Visits151241
Page Views / Visit2.55
Monthly Visits Growth0.0139%
Average Visits (6 months)159753.67

British Pathe

The British Pathé archive is the world’s finest collection of newsreels and cinemagazines.

Monthly Visits140897
Page Views / Visit2.98
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1326%
Average Visits (6 months)167060


Cryptoknowmics is a total crypto info and media platform focusing on cryptocurrency news and market data provider.

Monthly Visits136635
Page Views / Visit8.37
Monthly Visits Growth0.2566%
Average Visits (6 months)127463.33


Digital publication with a focus on psychology, mental health, and well-being

Monthly Visits132171
Page Views / Visit1.24
Monthly Visits Growth0.0037%
Average Visits (6 months)103288.17

Admixer Technologies

Ad-tech company that develops and maintains SaaS products in the field of digital advertising management.

Monthly Visits129885
Page Views / Visit1.45
Monthly Visits Growth0.5163%
Average Visits (6 months)211260.67


TURKTICARET.Net is an Internet company company located in London.

Monthly Visits119532
Page Views / Visit4.83
Monthly Visits Growth-0.2237%
Average Visits (6 months)166453.67

Zoopla Property Group Plc (ZPG)

Zoopla Property Group Plc is a company that uses digital media to assist in property searches.

Monthly Visits119003
Page Views / Visit1.46
Monthly Visits Growth-0.8286%
Average Visits (6 months)235944.33

Third Light

Third Light is a digital media and file management software.

Monthly Visits112421
Page Views / Visit16.06
Monthly Visits Growth2.0874%
Average Visits (6 months)105786.67


Mobile Research meets Ad Tech on a global scale to reach 1.8 billion users within thousands of publisher apps.

Monthly Visits111971
Page Views / Visit2.05
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0193%
Average Visits (6 months)130166

Investment Week

Investment Week is a magazine exploring media and entertainment company located in Greater London.

Monthly Visits110711
Page Views / Visit1.41
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0539%
Average Visits (6 months)113392.83

Seatrade Communications

Seatrade Communications provides FREE, online daily news for the shipping industry.

Monthly Visits96199
Page Views / Visit1.59
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0421%
Average Visits (6 months)106311.83


DMA UK is a trade body for the direct marketing industry.

Monthly Visits91379
Page Views / Visit2.99
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0288%
Average Visits (6 months)77675


Global Performance Marketing Company

Monthly Visits87390
Page Views / Visit2.91
Monthly Visits Growth-0.6001%
Average Visits (6 months)114940

Disability Horizons

Disability Horizons is an online disability lifestyle publication that aims to give disabled people a wide variety of topics.

Monthly Visits69818
Page Views / Visit1.44
Monthly Visits Growth0.067%
Average Visits (6 months)61830


AWAL is a digital marketing and distribution company that enables artists and labels to be in control and release music globally.

Monthly Visits68837
Page Views / Visit3.74
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5837%
Average Visits (6 months)123524.5

Dipsticks Research

DRG is an independent, full service market research agency with extensive experience across a number of sectors.

Monthly Visits68239
Page Views / Visit9.02
Monthly Visits Growth0.4448%
Average Visits (6 months)36336.5

Digital Spy

Digital Spy is an online media platform that covers the latest digital television and programming news from the U.K.

Monthly Visits59813
Page Views / Visit1.08
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5324%
Average Visits (6 months)120119.17


Adstream is an advertising content management and cross-media distribution technology platform. Changing the way advertisers track content.

Monthly Visits55133
Page Views / Visit1.79
Monthly Visits Growth2.446%
Average Visits (6 months)43826.5

William Reed Business Media

William Reed is an innovative and market leading media company headquartered in West Sussex.

Monthly Visits53667
Page Views / Visit1.45
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0614%
Average Visits (6 months)59343.67


C21Media provides the international entertainment community with daily news and analysis through a variety of products and services.

Monthly Visits52839
Page Views / Visit1.32
Monthly Visits Growth0.2326%
Average Visits (6 months)59414.17

Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio designs, engineers, and manufactures audio and video home entertainment systems.

Monthly Visits49650
Page Views / Visit4.47
Monthly Visits Growth1.4483%
Average Visits (6 months)35185.67


AKQA is an ideas and innovation company that uses the imaginative application of art and science to create ideas, products, and services.

Monthly Visits45762
Page Views / Visit2.73
Monthly Visits Growth8.9031%
Average Visits (6 months)30501.17


Alhudood is the hard-hitting political satire publication of the Middle East.

Monthly Visits43831
Page Views / Visit1.84
Monthly Visits Growth0.0001%
Average Visits (6 months)38040.67

ICS Media Group

ICS Media Group is a multimedia content and digital marketing agency.

Monthly Visits43503
Page Views / Visit2.22
Monthly Visits Growth22.6687%
Average Visits (6 months)19797.5 is an online mind map library contains thousands of free mind map templates and examples are available for download.

Monthly Visits42727
Page Views / Visit5.07
Monthly Visits Growth0.0303%
Average Visits (6 months)39188.83

Investis Digital

Investis Digital is a digital communication company that provides its clients with SaaS platform to manage their digital ecosystem.

Monthly Visits39886
Page Views / Visit1.97
Monthly Visits Growth3.1027%
Average Visits (6 months)19867

Label Worx Limited

Providing services to the electronic dance music industry

Monthly Visits38796
Page Views / Visit4.41
Monthly Visits Growth0.0433%
Average Visits (6 months)41984.33

Better Proposals

Send Professional Proposals to Your Clients in Half the Time

Monthly Visits36533
Page Views / Visit7.68
Monthly Visits Growth-0.7988%
Average Visits (6 months)159613.17


Mindshare is a global media agency network and the home of adaptive marketing.

Monthly Visits35733
Page Views / Visit1.87
Monthly Visits Growth2.2891%
Average Visits (6 months)19510.5

Rex Features

Rex Features has an international reputation as a premier source of images and features for the world’s media.

Monthly Visits34295
Page Views / Visit1.68
Monthly Visits Growth0.238%
Average Visits (6 months)46549.5


Copify provides a platform for online marketing professionals to source content from a pool of copywriters.

Monthly Visits31254
Page Views / Visit1.87
Monthly Visits Growth-0.07%
Average Visits (6 months)38534.83


Cahootify is a project-centred professional network for producers, filmmakers and actors. iMDB meets LinkedIn.

Monthly Visits26855
Page Views / Visit5.74
Monthly Visits Growth3.6398%
Average Visits (6 months)8088.17

Miloco Studios

Miloco Studios is a recording studio specializes in highest quality recording in the world.

Monthly Visits24096
Page Views / Visit2.84
Monthly Visits Growth0.0494%
Average Visits (6 months)21778.33

DMG Media

DMG media is a consumer media company engaged in print and online newspaper publishing.

Monthly Visits24065
Page Views / Visit1.1
Monthly Visits Growth0.1231%
Average Visits (6 months)18898.83


Woto provides a free publishing tool. to create and share contents.

Monthly Visits23434
Page Views / Visit1.27
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5167%
Average Visits (6 months)47792.17 provides tech news, data, market intelligence, and insights into startup activity.

Monthly Visits23096
Page Views / Visit1.03
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3958%
Average Visits (6 months)37615.17

A Million Ads

A Million Ads provides dynamic audio advertising for users of digital radio and streaming services.

Monthly Visits21951
Page Views / Visit1.14
Monthly Visits Growth3.0869%
Average Visits (6 months)8136.5

CX Network Group

CX Network provides premium content for customer experience, service, insight and marketing leaders, including reports, CX TALK videos.

Monthly Visits21799
Page Views / Visit1.83
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0471%
Average Visits (6 months)17560.17


ResourceSpace open source digital asset management software is the simple, fast, & free way to organise your digital assets.

Monthly Visits20708
Page Views / Visit1.6
Monthly Visits Growth0.0932%
Average Visits (6 months)14581.17

Clear Channel

Clear Channel UK is part of Clear Channel Outdoor,one of the world’s leading Out of Home media owners.

Monthly Visits20172
Page Views / Visit1.37
Monthly Visits Growth0.6921%
Average Visits (6 months)8647.17


TeamRock Radio is a commercial-free national DAB rock radio station broadcasting in the UK.

Monthly Visits19423
Page Views / Visit1.09
Monthly Visits Growth-0.3875%
Average Visits (6 months)23454.17


Iris is an advertising agency that creates an innovation network of over 1000 people across 17 markets.

Monthly Visits19374
Page Views / Visit5.06
Monthly Visits Growth21.2434%
Average Visits (6 months)5201.83

Gravity Media Group

Gravity Media Group is a global provider of live broadcast facilities and production services.

Monthly Visits19066
Page Views / Visit2.59
Monthly Visits Growth0.8511%
Average Visits (6 months)5249

Business Chief

Business Chief is an online media that covers business news, magazines, and website for executive and companies.

Monthly Visits18705
Page Views / Visit1.35
Monthly Visits Growth0.2618%
Average Visits (6 months)26490.83


Clicksco collects and analyses information, brand, products, and services data from on and offline sources.

Monthly Visits18189
Page Views / Visit8.94
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4518%
Average Visits (6 months)30130


The free digital service for connecting businesses with people looking for temporary work

Monthly Visits17781
Page Views / Visit5.43
Monthly Visits Growth0.3691%
Average Visits (6 months)27369.83

British Interactive Media Association

British Interactive Media Company (BIMA) is the industry association representing the interactive media and digital content sector.

Monthly Visits17133
Page Views / Visit2.06
Monthly Visits Growth5.8205%
Average Visits (6 months)7917.17


Wearethecity is a media company that specializes in gender-related news, a networks directory, calendar of events and conferences

Monthly Visits16495
Page Views / Visit1.43
Monthly Visits Growth3.157%
Average Visits (6 months)10433.67


The home of stand-up, showcasing all the wonders of live comedy worldwide.

Monthly Visits16364
Page Views / Visit1.7
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4958%
Average Visits (6 months)18929.83

Academy Class

Academy Class is the digital media training company for creative designers and developers.

Monthly Visits15888
Page Views / Visit1.58
Monthly Visits Growth-0.077%
Average Visits (6 months)12336.67


Cloud-based digital media platform

Monthly Visits15758
Page Views / Visit1.65
Monthly Visits Growth-0.4701%
Average Visits (6 months)21449.67

Emerging Europe

Emerging Europe Promoting discussion about business opportunities in Central & Eastern Europe.

Monthly Visits15754
Page Views / Visit1.23
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5784%
Average Visits (6 months)38304.67


Zeddit is the #1 way to grow your paid magazine audience

Monthly Visits15495
Page Views / Visit1.46
Monthly Visits Growth0.0739%
Average Visits (6 months)13119

MIDiA Research

MIDiA Research is a media and technology analysis company that offers consulting and syndicated research services.

Monthly Visits14975
Page Views / Visit1
Monthly Visits Growth7.0815%
Average Visits (6 months)6369.83


The SaaS software platform for managing and monetizing music & media assets

Monthly Visits14691
Page Views / Visit1.04
Monthly Visits Growth0.2298%
Average Visits (6 months)10227

Family Traveller

Family Traveller is a multi-platform brand operating across, social media and email.

Monthly Visits13971
Page Views / Visit2.57
Monthly Visits Growth-0.5722%
Average Visits (6 months)73717.83

Home-Start UK

Home-Start UK has working with Techmums to offer digital skills training to young mothers.

Monthly Visits13813
Page Views / Visit1.83
Monthly Visits Growth3.5512%
Average Visits (6 months)8258

Business Weekly

Business weekly is an online and print newspaper that features in-depth reports and analysis on multiple technology-related sectors.

Monthly Visits13764
Page Views / Visit1.1
Monthly Visits Growth0.1604%
Average Visits (6 months)12455.67

Wipro Digital

Wipro Digital, the digital business unit of Wipro

Monthly Visits13485
Page Views / Visit1.8
Monthly Visits Growth0.1439%
Average Visits (6 months)6790.33

Eagle Rock Entertainment

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the largest producer and distributor of music programming for DVD, Blu-Ray, TV and Digital Media in the world.

Monthly Visits13420
Page Views / Visit1.6
Monthly Visits Growth0.2644%
Average Visits (6 months)14752.5


Intempo have over 20 years experience selling a wide range of products to enhance your music experience.

Monthly Visits13325
Page Views / Visit2.06
Monthly Visits Growth0.0433%
Average Visits (6 months)6295.67

Ocean Outdoor

Ocean is a media advertising company specialized in designing iconic landmark large-format digital banners in super-premium locations.

Monthly Visits12062
Page Views / Visit1.41
Monthly Visits GrowthUnknown%
Average Visits (6 months)Unknown

Hot Topics

A contributor based digital media platform where the world’s most influential leaders in innovation share their stories and opinions.

Monthly Visits11789
Page Views / Visit1.12
Monthly Visits Growth-0.1548%
Average Visits (6 months)15024.83

Minute Media

Minute Media is a digital media company that offers a platform specializing in content and advertising solutions.

Monthly Visits11654
Page Views / Visit1.58
Monthly Visits Growth11.9059%
Average Visits (6 months)5312


Search and buy content from Instagram

Monthly Visits10431
Page Views / Visit2.33
Monthly Visits Growth-0.0335%
Average Visits (6 months)10364.83