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Definition of Recruitment Software

Recruitment software is any type of software used for recruiting by recruiters, recruiting teams, or hiring managers. Recruitment software generally refers to the pre-hire aspect of recruiting, meaning that the software governs selection, interviewing, job posting, and candidate feedback. (Source)

The organization and the HR department are always looking forward to hiring new and qualified talent in the company. Recruitment software is accessible for small, mid, and large-scale enterprises that make work for recruiters easy through effective communication with candidates.

Below are certain benefits that a Recruitment software must have to make businesses user-friendly, accurate and time-saving:


In the current scenario, businesses are increasing day by day and there is a huge possibility that a company may become huge in the coming years. In such conditions, easy communication between employees plays an important role that can help the companies to increase productivity.

An effective recruitment software is created with utmost security with multiple departments that create alert to recruiters if they face any obstacle in their work like no alert about the incoming candidate, no information about the recruiters who are active in the system, non-effective communication between recruiters and employers through the system and so on.


The reporting feature helps you to make decisions about the Section of the organization. To make progress, the organization needs to see its progress regularly and recruiters working in the organization also need to see their progress and development. The recruitment software varies as per the area of business.


Recruitment software must have a display feature that allows you to see all your information in one simple place. You do not want to open multiple websites to search a particular information.


Interactive, User-friendly software is the software which is easy to use. The process of using software must be as simple as possible so that it is easy to handle and easy to communicate.

Reliability and security

A recruitment software must come with reliable security that can keep the employer’s data and information safe and secure. The software must be user-friendly, interactive and cost-effective.

There are many organizations which offer recruitment software which is why it is important for the employer to choose the right one for their business purpose.

Ai in Recruitment

What is Humanly?

Automated AI screening wherever candidates find you.

Cast a wide net at the top of the recruiting funnel by engaging every visitor on your hiring pages, social media, and job boards. Qualify candidates effortlessly with Humanly’s remarkable, embeddable multi-language chatbot.

Benefits of Humanly over conventional recruitment software?

Comprehensive functional analysis for any candidate

You definitely need a great recruitment software to…

Identify candidates from pre-screening to phone screen, and one with powerful segmentation and reporting capabilities. However, Humanly believe that screening, phone screens, and detailed reporting deliver only a fraction of the insight you should gather about every candidate.

With conventional systems, you are limited to their workflow. But with Humanly, you can create your own reports and custom workflows with ease.

Everything you need for modern hiring and communication

By including candidate communication, reporting, and analytics in your toolset, you are completely free to do whatever you want. All your communication and information is where you want it, when you want it.

In Humanly, you can create custom candidates segments, or tags, to organize your pipeline. Link these segments – and custom reports – with your job boards and social media profiles to instantly identify your strongest prospects and deliver a personal, consistent experience across all of your channels.

You want to communicate with candidates in the ways you choose, not how the system dictates. As an example, you can create a custom “in-application” chatbot experience that is consistent across your company, or you can send customized messages to candidates on social media.

You want most of your candidates to actually answer your questions rather than ignoring or failing to complete them.

Your hiring process must create a simple, satisfying experience that eliminates every excuse not to apply. Candidates who encounter a totally generic application form are far less likely to submit their information.

A solid application is a competitive advantage.

Your recruiting process must leverage the full power of the internet, not just PDF application forms.

Learn more about Humanly or buy here.

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