20 Best Social Games Podcasts of 2021

3 years ago

Are you wanting to learn more about social games ? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best social games podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, tweet us @MagazineWelp and we will check it out!

Best Social Games Podcasts 2021

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The Kinda Funny Podcast

  • Publisher: Kinda Funny
  • Total Episodes: 432

Twice a week 4 best friends Greg “GameOverGreggy” Miller, Tim Gettys, Nick Scarpino, and Andy Cortez hang out to discuss popular culture, the internet, social issues, movies, comic books, video games, and their lives with you and our super cool guests. Watch the free video version at YouTube.com/KindaFunny

Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast

  • Publisher: Brawling Brothers Productions
  • Total Episodes: 120

The Brawling Brothers Boardgaming Podcast is a biweekly podcast that focuses on board games, card games and RPGs. The original Brawlers (Josh and Brandon) are 2 friends who like very different types of games. The show focuses on these differing preferences and (hopeless) attempts to sway each other’s opinion. Each show includes light, friendly banter, a game review (in print), a combative segment called “Brawling and Boardgaming”, and the fan favorite TNT (Then, Now Tomorrow)… While the “Brawling and Boardgaming” can get a bit heated at times, Josh and Brandon play boadrgames for the same reason: SOCIAL INTERACTION. The Brawlers love of meeting new people, playing games with old friends and interact with gamers all around the world is the simple reason that Brawling Brothers was founded. Join us, relax and have some fun!

Spencer & Vogue

  • Publisher: Global
  • Total Episodes: 41

Welcome to Spencer & Vogue! In a brand new podcast, Spencer Matthews and Vogue Williams let you into their lives, albeit begrudgingly by Spencer. You’ll hear what they’re doing, thinking, and disagreeing on every week as they bring topics to the table, play games with Google and answer your questions. From social media, to money, friends to Spencer’s obsession with Jeff Bezos, there’s never a dull conversation or lack of opinion. So don’t be shy- get involved! Ask questions, for advice, or send in what you think the next big debate should be to [email protected].

JK! Games!

  • Publisher: JK! Games!
  • Total Episodes: 89

Introducing JK! Games!, a gaming and nerd-centric podcast where cohosts Kayla and Jerica give it to you: gaming news, debates on video game culture and technology, and most importantly, their passion for gaming across all platforms. Get social with JK Games! on Facebook. @JKGamesPodcast on Twitter & Instagram, @JKGamescast on Twitch. Tell us what games you want us to play and talk about (!!!): [email protected].

The Nerds Social Club

  • Publisher: The Nerds Social Club
  • Total Episodes: 417

The Nerds Social Club is a podcast dedicated to all things Marvel, DC, Star Wars and general Nerd subjects from Movie, TV, Games and Comicbooks

Future Friends Games Podcast

  • Publisher: Future Friends Games
  • Total Episodes: 10

Promoting indie games is hard! Very hard! In our new Podcast series, the Future Friends Games team share insights from years of marketing, PR, community and social media management for indie games, from high-level principles to detailed case studies.

Board with Video Games

  • Publisher: PSVG Podcast Network
  • Total Episodes: 194

The Podcast to meet all of your gaming needs. Board with Video Games is part of the PSVG Podcast Network. Hosted by Kyle and Josh. Follow us on social media: @boardwithvg on twitter, instagram & Facebook. Support us at patreon.com/psvg

Potter People

  • Publisher: Julian S, Liam P
  • Total Episodes: 21

This podcast dives into deep chapter by chapter discussions about the Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling. We connect the dots between character behaviors, themes, and social issues, creating a more impacting, engaging, and inspiring experience for the listener as well as playing fun chapter related games, and providing weekly trivia questions. We strive to create a better world by bringing important topics into light in our discussions.

Gone Bridge- A Red Sox Podcast

  • Publisher: Gone Bridge Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 37

The Gone Bridge Podcast is a Red Sox and MLB podcast hosted by three friends and students from the University of New Hampshire, Andrew Gardner, Alex Klosen, and Steve Brady. We live and breathe Red Sox baseball and bring weekly episodes on any and all platforms you can find podcasts. From recaps of the week’s games, to our own unique segments, The Gone Bridge Podcast is an extremely knowledgeable, yet fun and light hearted show that everyone can enjoy! We’re always active on our social media and love interacting with other Baseball fans so follow us on twitter @GoneBridge and Instagram @GoneBridgePodcast!

Even the Score Podcast

  • Publisher: Don, Anthony, and Jason
  • Total Episodes: 13

Join hosts Anthony, Jason, and Don as they discuss soundtracks and scores from movies, television, and video games from the fan perspective! Releasing every 2 weeks, the three will cover a variety of topics and have fun whilst doing it! Reach out to us at [email protected] to let us know what topics we should discuss in the future! Our social media accounts: Twitter: https://twitter.com/eventhescorepod Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eventhescorepod/

ScreenStrong Families

  • Publisher: Melanie Hempe
  • Total Episodes: 67

With recommendations based on scientific research and personal experience, Melanie Hempe, RN by trade and mom of four, helps families remove toxic screens—video games, social media & smartphones—from their kids’ lives. Through interviews with experts, medical professionals, and other ScreenStrong families, this podcast will help you prevent screen addiction and rescue your kids from their virtual world. Join our ScreenStrong Families Group and visit ScreenStrong.com to learn more. It’s not too late to win back your kids and ScreenStrong is here to help.

Nintendo Everything Podcast

  • Publisher: Oni Dino
  • Total Episodes: 105

A weekly, comedy-based show about everything Nintendo, with a little mixture of other consoles, too! Join the back-and-forth banter of childhood friends Oni Dino and Galen as they critique and analyze video games, current news, the business side of the gaming industry, social culture, and much more! Oni Dino is a Japanese translator that works in the gaming industry, and Galen is a jack-of-all-trades who’s had his hand in a little bit of everything from voice acting to game development. Business inquiries: [email protected]


  • Publisher: Lucy Harper & Lauren Woods
  • Total Episodes: 41

Welcome to Nibblybits. Every Wednesday & Sunday, we’ll be serving up a fresh helping of fun. With weekly good news, celeb and social media gossip and tons more to keep you entertained and smiling! Our Wednesday episodes will feature special guests, with more fun and games! For those of you who know Lucy & Lauren from their ASMR YouTube channels Creative Calm ASMR & Scottish Murmurs ASMR, you’ll know that this will be full of laughs & general weirdness! So sit yourself down, grab a drink (gin is preferable), and get ready for your weekly serving of Nibblybits!Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/nibblybits. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Silver Screen Guide | Movie Review Podcast

  • Publisher: Silver Screen Guide
  • Total Episodes: 302

Silver Screen Guide is dedicated to delivering the best guides and reviews for movies, TV shows, and video games. Follow our podcast for a new movie review every Monday and follow our YouTube channel for reviews and guides of brand new movies along with classics. We love talking about movies and we love talking about them with you. When you follow us on social media and share with your friends you’ll never miss your guide to the silver screen.

Pod Paper Scissors

  • Publisher: Liz Landau and Ben Klemens
  • Total Episodes: 18

Pod Paper Scissors considers the glitches in our society due to the hidden games in everyday human interactions. Each week, hosts Ben Klemens and Liz Landau discuss a different topic relating to social interaction including markets, politics, trends, and other core facets of our society, in a causal conversation format with original songs and interviews with knowledgeable guests.

The GameCasters

  • Publisher: thegamecasters
  • Total Episodes: 72

There are SO many podcasts about boardgames, but so few that feature us! Join Natalie, Jeff and Ryan as we discuss new games we’ve recently played. Listen to our unique segments like the Boardgame Beatdown, where we take a super popular game and read all the lowest rated BGG comments it has, or the Instagram Inbox where we ask for participation from our listeners on social media. We also usually play some sort of game that you can play along with, and we always end the show with a Top 5 list! There is a lot of content, discussion and laughter packed into every episode. Come join in the fun every other Sunday!!!

The HustlePost Podcast

  • Publisher: Saloni Srivastava
  • Total Episodes: 9

The HustlePost Podcast is a one-stop destination for becoming your own boss by starting and growing your online business using nothing but social media. If you are a 9-5 worker, a college student, or anyone else who aspires to start an online business from scratch and grow it fast, The HustlePost Podcast is your answer. This podcast covers diverse topics on new-age careers and is perfect for millennials who desire to live the epic version of their lives. This show is hosted by Saloni Srivastava, a Youtube content creator and a business coach who has built one of the fastest-growing learning communities in India and helped thousands of millennials start their side hustle and make it massively profitable. Her business makes multiple 6-figure revenues every month along with following the minimalistic pricing policy. Subscribe The Hustlepost Podcast & tune in each week to learn business strategies, mindset games and a lot more on entrepreneurship and social media with Saloni Srivastava.

Wear Wag Repeat Podcast

  • Publisher: Tori Mistick Wear Wag Repeat
  • Total Episodes: 141

How do you start the pet business of your dreams? What can you do to help pet parents to discover you? Can you juggle games of fetch with business growth? These are just some of the questions that award-winning dog mom blogger Tori Mistick asks in her weekly interviews with women in the pet industry. Working with pets is a passion… it’s also a $70 billion industry! On the Wear Wag Repeat podcast you’ll get social media tips, business growth hacks and inspirational stories to turn your passion for pets into a profitable business. You’ll also hear stories about the pets who inspire our businesses, keep us motivated to bring home the bacon, and teach us to live in the moment. The Wear Wag Repeat Podcast is an award-nominated show that’s been featured in The Wall Street Journal. Guests and listeners include dog sitters and walkers, dog trainers and behaviorists, pet treat makers, pet product inventors, pet lover Etsy shop owners, pet bloggers, cat explorers and more!

Bitewing Games Podcast

  • Publisher: Nick Murray
  • Total Episodes: 26

At Bitewing Games, our mission is to create and share unique and evocative board game experiences. For hobbyist gamers, this podcast will help you to explore your own tastes in the hobby and perhaps discover your next favorite game that fits those tastes. For game designers, this podcast will offer you more tools to add to your utility belt and metrics to measure your projects by. Subscribe to our newsletter at BitewingGames.com, follow us on social media, and stay tuned for exciting things to come!

The Traxion Podcast – Racing video games, esports and sim racing

  • Publisher: Traxion.GG
  • Total Episodes: 23

Hello and welcome to the Traxion Podcast. This will be a weekly podcast about racing video games, hosted by John Munro, Tom Harrison-Lord and Justin Sutton. Racing games have played a big role in all of our lives to this point, and If you are listening to this then we are sure it’s the same for you too. What we aim to do is bring together racing game fans from all genres, whether that be casual arcade racers, retro gamers or even hardcore sim racers. We are open to any topics, from celebrating the best games of a certain era, to ranking a franchise and, of course, trying to settle the big racing game debates once and for all. From Excite Bike to F1 2021, and almost everything in between, we’ve played a lot of racing games in our time, and quite frankly we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Whether you’re on a wheel, controller, or keyboard, it doesn’t matter, we’re going to have a blast while racing against the clock, the AI, or other human beings. Two doors or four, open wheels, ovals and road courses, we love it all, and we love talking about it even more. As a group of fellow racing game nerds, we each have our own unique opinions, so we won’t always agree. Join us on our journey through the wide spectrum of the genre. Who knows, sometimes we may be mildly entertaining. So, with all of that in mind, keep listening for more coming very soon. Please subscribe via your favourite podcast service or on YouTube to be the first to hear episode one. Don’t forget to join us on social media, @TraxionGG on most platforms, and visit Traxion.gg for daily racing game updates.

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