4 Proven Strategies To Improve Sales Team Performance

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2 years ago

If your business revenue has stagnated, there’s a good chance improving your sales team performance can help you break out of the plateau. Even a tiny increase in sales across all reps can lead to a tremendous increase in revenue over time. 

The key to increasing sales performance is developing the right systems, processes, and coaching around your team to set them up for success. This guide will cover the four proven strategies to improve their performance. 

1. Create an Interactive Onboarding and Training System

Most companies offer lackluster training programs. Outdated lecture-style coaching can bore new employees, causing them to tune out critical information. This means precious resources are wasted in creating the training programs. 

The key is to develop effective onboarding and training programs that engage sellers. Rather than a lengthy 45-90 minute presentation, cut down the lessons to short five to ten-minute clips. Then use exercises to get them to implement what they’ve learned immediately. 

Platforms like learntowin.com help to streamline the process of onboarding. You can build easily digestible content that engages new sellers and receive analytics to spot knowledge gaps. Once you know what your sales reps don’t understand, you can provide targeted lessons to address their weaknesses. 

2. Use Sales Enablement

Give your team everything they need to bring in more deals. Quite literally, it means providing all the necessary training, resources, and learning support they need. Sales enablement can help reps better engage prospects and customers. 

For example, let’s say a rep is interested in your product but is skeptical about whether it will work for them. A content management tool that houses a library of case studies, testimonials, competitor analysis, white papers, and videos should be easily accessible to your sales rep. 

The right content material can help your prospects gain confidence in your product and motivate them to take action. 

3. Invest in Sales Tools 

Whether it’s a CRM, prospecting software, lead finder, or everything in between, there are many sales tools that drive results

CRM is a tool that manages all customer data and interactions. It helps your reps organize their tasks and personalize their approach based on the individual prospect’s needs. You never want to use spreadsheets or leave a paper trail for tracking your leads. 

Another critical tool is a sales force automation system, which helps automate daily mundane tasks so that reps can focus on higher priority activities. The sales force automation system will automate tasks like sending follow-up emails, performing data entry, building lead lists, lead scoring, tracking email metrics, and scheduling meetings. 

4. Set Daily Targets and Celebrate Wins 

Research has proven that happy sales teams experience better business outcomes. Professional goals help to give reps a sense of responsibility and direction that they are moving towards their target. 

As a leader of your organization, you must make your team aware of their big-picture goals and break them into weekly and daily targets. Take time to celebrate their wins and hard work to help them stay motivated and build their confidence. 

You can incorporate leaderboards, point systems, and rewards. Most sales reps are motivated by potential bonus payouts. However, you can also try prizes, social gatherings, or company recognition. 

Final Thoughts 

Improving your team’s sales performance won’t happen overnight. But once you’ve implemented these essential strategies, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your company’s revenue and profits. 

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