5 Payment Gateways Ideal For Your Small Business 2021

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Payment gateways are necessary for any website dealing with online transactions. It is an integral and sensitive side of your business that could make or break your relationship with customers.

It’s important to get the right payment gateway system, so we’ve gathered together a list of systems that offer the best encryption and fraud detection, as well as the most flexible plans that suit small businesses.

In short, you won’t go wrong with these systems, which have a great track record in this field.

#1 Authorize

Who suggested this product?
The Authorize was recommended by Angelo Frisina from Sunlight Media LLC. You can find out more about Angelo Frisina here or read their product recommendation below.

We use this service as they have a great partner program. They help our clients succesfully apply for their merchant and payment gateway accounts. If we have any issues with integrating the the API into our clients website, authorize.net support will step in and assist. We have had moslty positve feedback form our customers. Here is a list of pros & cons.


  • Wide range support for multiple currencies
  • Excellent security and robust anti-fraud features
  • Month-to-month billing contracts
  • No long-term contracts


  • Data portability can be complicated and sometimes expensive
  • Account setup fee
  • Higher than average flat-rate pricing for optional merchant account

#2 PayPal

Who suggested this product?
The PayPal was recommended by Ashish H Thakkar from JimmyThakkar. You can find out more about Ashish H Thakkar here or read their product recommendation below.

It is one of the most widely used payment gateway’s online. You as an e-commerce website owner can easily integrate it in to your website’s shopping cart.

The buyer on your website no longer has to fill in a 2 page form to checkout; instead they can just checkout using their PayPal id. Faster checkouts means more conversions for the website owner.

Not only do they have customer data protection but they also have excellent fraud prevention and seller protection features as a part of their system.

#3 Stripe

Who suggested this product?
The Stripe was recommended by Zlatko Bijelic from Tako Agency. You can find out more about Zlatko Bijelic here or read their product recommendation below.

They are the primary payment gateway for anyone running an online (or brick and mortar) business and need to accept payment. Stripe is leading the industry with it’s evolving product; they are continually making considerable improvements to make it easier for companies to get paid. A person looking for payment processing service, look no further than Stripe.

You can get set up with Stripe in less than 5 mins – and if you are looking to integrate Stripe into our online store – that shouldn’t take more than 15-20 mins. Most of the time, these online store platforms (Shopify, WordPress, Magento, etc.) already have a default Stripe integration that allows you simply login using your Stripe account. It doesn’t get any easier.

#4 PayKickstart

Who suggested this product?
The PayKickstart was recommended by Mark Thompson from PayKickstart. You can find out more about Mark here or read their product recommendation below.

Through PayKickstart users can integrate with Payment gateways such as Authorize.Net, Braintree, EasyPayDirect, PayPal and Stripe to accept customer payments. We enable businesses to seamlessly integrate their checkouts to their websites and provide them with automatic solutions for receiving payments, notifying customers via transactional emails, as well as many other features that we offer.

#5 Braintree

Who suggested this product?
The Braintree was recommended by Akos Gabossy from PanIQ ROOM franchise. You can find out more about Akos Gabossy here or read their product recommendation below.

I’m the CEO and Co-founder of the PanIQ ROOM franchise. Majority of our tickets our sold online, and we developed our custom made booking system, where we use Braintree as an integrated payment system. Since we are an old customer, plus have a great volume going through our accounts, we got some additional discounts from Paypal. Braintree works flawlessly, we like to see the reports in their back-end system. It’s safe and fast. We are currently thinking about using the same technology to replace Square in our stores, which basically means our local sales will be done through internet.

Who contributed to this article?

Angelo Frisina from Sunlight Media LLC

Ashish H Thakkar from JimmyThakkar

Zlatko Bijelic from Tako Agency

Stefan from PayKickstart

Akos Gabossy from PanIQ ROOM franchise

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