6 Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

6 Summer Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business
2 years ago

Everyone loves the summertime. Many people use this time to go on vacation, take extended breaks, enjoy beautiful weather, and engage in festive activities. How can you translate those positive summer experiences into your marketing? These six summer marketing ideas for your small business will help you take advantage of the warm weather and keep your customers coming in the door. 

Offer Exclusive Summer Free Items

Customers love free items, especially when they are exclusive. During the summer months, hand out free items like beach balls, towels, or frisbees when a customer purchases an item. 

These promotional branded items can help boost brand awareness and allow people to recognize your business. If you have the budget, you should consider creating themed items that are exclusively available during the summer months. 

Update Your Creative Marketing Visuals

Work with local graphic designers or artists to design creative summer-themed visuals for your business. These marketing visuals can include changing your brand colors to a summer palette, using summer-themed backgrounds, and designing creative typography. 

Promote Social Media Contests

If you need foot or web traffic, coax your customers back or appeal to a broader audience by running a fun social media contest. Social media contests are a great way to grow your online brand awareness. You can promote summer photo contests, questionnaire contests, or comment-to-win contests to help bring traffic to your business.

Provide Summer Deals

Customers are always looking for a bargain and tend to be in a shopping mood during the summer months. Think of promotional deals you can give to your customers, such as BOGO deals or 20 percent off select merchandise or services. 

Host Summer-Themed Events

Pay attention to the events happening in your community, such as festivals, markets, or parades. Get involved with the community and create brand awareness and relationships with tourists, customers, and other businesses. 

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Partner with other small businesses and host a summer-themed event where locals and tourists can network and enjoy merchandise and services. 

Celebrate National Holidays

The summertime is full of national and unconventional holidays. When planning your summertime marketing, think of ways to connect your business to these holidays to draw customers in to celebrate and catch deals. 

  • May 01 – National Lemonade Day
  • May 08 – Mother’s Day
  • May 30 – Memorial Day
  • June 01 – Say Something Nice Day
  • June 19 – Father’s Day; Juneteenth
  • July 04 – Independence Day
  • July 30 – International Friendship Day
  • August 18 – Women’s Suffrage

With a bit of creativity and planning, you can have a lot of fun marketing your business this summer. Take advantage of our list of six summer marketing ideas for your small business to reel in customers and boost your brand awareness. 

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