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How do you set yourself up for the inevitable? There are millions of data breaches that happen every year and the numbers show no sign of slowing down.

We’ve assembled a solid list of the most reliable and popular choices in this space, with each option having a detailed description of its strengths and weaknesses. Eliminate human errors and silly mistakes with software that simplifies and streamlines the process for you.

#1 MSP360 Managed Backup Service

MSP360 Managed Backup Service
Who suggested this product?
The MSP360 Managed Backup Service was recommended by Artem Kolesnikov from MSP360. You can find out more about Artem Kolesnikov here or read their product recommendation below.

MSP360 Managed Backup Service is by far one of the best business backup solutions. MSP360, formerly CloudBerry, provides full-featured, easy-to-use, and cost‑effective backup and disaster recovery solution for businesses & managed service providers (MSPs). MSP360 offers all of the features customers expect in their backup software, including: centralized administration and monitoring, file-level backup, image-level backup, flexible scheduling, compression, encryption, and ransomware protection. MSP360 runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. One of MSP360’s most innovative design features is its storage-agnostic approach to backup design with support for over 15 public cloud storage providers.

By decoupling cloud storage from the backup software, MSP360 puts customers in control of where their backups reside. Customers choose the public-cloud storage providers that best fit their needs and budget, rather than be tied to their backup vendor’s private cloud storage. Customers who need powerful features like geo-replication for disaster recovery, local region access for compliance, and added encryption options for security can choose a public cloud storage vendor with these features. Others may choose a more modestly priced cloud storage vendor to better fit their budget. Customers can use one or more cloud storage vendors and switch at any time while having assurance their backup software will function properly.

#2 Carbonite Computers & Servers Plan

Carbonite Computers & Servers Plan
Who suggested this product?
The Carbonite Computers & Servers Plan was recommended by Chris Avery from Chrave Technology Ltd. You can find out more about Chris Avery here or read their product recommendation below.

Set it and forget it design, simply configure the software (there really aren’t that many options you need to change) and then let the system go away and perform the initial back up. The first back up may take a while but after that it just works and I can spend my time worrying about more important things.

#3 EaseUS ToDo Backup

EaseUS ToDo Backup
Who suggested this product?
The EaseUS ToDo Backup was recommended by Maksym Babych from SpdLoad. You can find out more about Maksym Babych here or read their product recommendation below.

EaseUS ToDo Backup EaseUS ToDo Backup is a program with an improved user interface and a wide range of functions. There is support for Dropbox and other online storage services. Pros: Comprehensive backup of files and images User friendly interface Backup on Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive

#4 BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage

BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage
Who suggested this product?
The BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage was recommended by David Silverman from Solution Loans. You can find out more about David Silverman here or read their product recommendation below.

BackBlaze B2 Cloud Storage is required to back up servers (the normal backblaze utility doesn’t work on Server operating systems) and storage is from $0.005 GB per month (much cheaper than Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. In order to back up to your storage space you need a utility (we use MSP360) to do this for you. For this there is a small one time payment making it by far the most cost efficient way to back up servers that I have found.

#5 Nectar HR

Nectar HR
Who suggested this product?
The Nectar HR was recommended by Dean Despain from Nectar HR. You can find out more about Dean Despain here or read their product recommendation below.

Nectar HR is 100% Free. Using the Freemium Model Nectar is rolling out a platform that bundles Employee Rewards and Recognition as well as Employee Feedback. This software is just as robust as those provided by competitors while being accessible to all. Nectar HR is a small company thats fighting to disruptive the HR software market by providing a free solution. With Nectar HR workplace culture can be created even by companies without an HR budget.

#6 Aparavi File Protect & Insight

Aparavi File Protect & Insight
Who suggested this product?
The Aparavi File Protect & Insight was recommended by Victoria Grey from Aparavi Software. You can find out more about Victoria Grey here or read their product recommendation below.

Aparavi File Protect & Insight℠ (FPI) addresses the varying and fast-growing unstructured data loads organizations manage today, including backing up files from central storage devices and large numbers of endpoints, to any or multiple cloud destinations. The new solution features Aparavi Data Awareness™ for intelligence and insight, along with global security, search, and access, to ensure files are protected and available.

Use cases for Aparavi FPI include file-by-file backup and retention for endpoints and servers, automation of governance policies at the source of data, and most critically, ransomware recovery. Aparavi provides a second line of defense with an immutable copy of data to ensure ransomware recovery, along with a mountable archive to restore files quickly either on a file-by-file basis or entire file systems. Aparavi Data Awareness with insight into the content of files enables more risk averse data to be managed in a more secure manner.

Organizations can lessen the workloads of their traditional backup solutions by using Aparavi FPI for their unstructured data, improving performance and saving on licensing and on-premises storage costs. Aparavi’s on-premises index provides near instant search results with pattern matching and metadata while avoiding costly on-prem hardware. The creation of user rights enables only pre-approved individuals access to the data and streamlines delivery during audit or legal proceedings.

#7 CloudBerry

Who suggested this product?
The CloudBerry was recommended by Mihai Corbuleac from StratusPointIT. You can find out more about Mihai Corbuleac here or read their product recommendation below.

CloudBerry provides one of the best business backup solutions. It works on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, VMware etc. CloudBerry Backup supports local backups, but also cloud backups using AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and few other options for storage. It is the ideal solution for small businesses enabling users to protect both endpoints and servers from all types of threats including disasters, ransomware etc.

Most importantly, by using the service you will be able to reduce storage with their data compression option, encrypt your data using 256-bit AES encryption, perform remote management of client accounts, schedule backups and easily restore at any point in time. The backup service identifies the files that were recently modified and only copies such files making subsequent backups run faster.

#8 Acronis True Image 2020

Acronis True Image 2020
Who suggested this product?
The Acronis True Image 2020 was recommended by Nathan Finch from Aussie Webhosting. You can find out more about Nathan Finch here or read their product recommendation below.

While it’s not exactly an enterprise solution, Acronis 2020 works as well for businesses as it does for personal computers. With Acronis,You’re able to back up the files of your choice or make a complete image backup of your whole PC, saving it to places like an FTP server or external hard drive. With its dual protection feature, your local backups can be saved online automatically, too. To protect from overage charges, you can specify which Wi-Fi network to run backups on. There are three ways to get Acronis True Image 2020. One is with a one-time purchase and the other two are with a one-year subscription.

A few features are the same for each plan but the more expensive ones, of course, include some additional options. You can get Acronis True Image 2020 Standard for a one-time price of $49.99 USD, which includes full image backup, active disk cloning, quick recovery, ransomware protection, and cryptomining blocking. Another option is the Advanced plan which is valid for a year at $49.99 /year USD and has the same features as Standard but also cloud backup, end-to-end encryption, and Office 365 backup. You get 250 GB of online backup as part of that price or you can upgrade to 500 GB for another $20. The final option is Acronis True Image 2020 Premium for $99.99 /year USD with the same features as the other two options, but also with 1 TB of online space, blockchain certification of files, and electronic signatures of files.

Who contributed to this article?

Artem Kolesnikov from MSP360

Chris Avery from Chrave Technology Ltd

Maksym Babych from SpdLoad

David Silverman from Solution Loans

Dean Despain from Nectar HR

Victoria Grey from Aparavi Software

Mihai Corbuleac from StratusPointIT

Nathan Finch from Aussie Webhosting

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Agile development stands at the forefront of the software industry, championing an
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