A Complete Guide to ERP for Educational Institutions

4 years ago

The impact of technology is rapidly growing in educational system also. This is the right time for educational institutes to switch to automation so that they can focus on the quality of education as well as on management. Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), just by considering name we can simply define ERP as System or software that used to manage all the resources of whole enterprise. 

ERP implementation have been revolutionizing institutional management., helping institutions to improve their operations, thus making them manageable and more transparent Right from employee payments to single screw coming into the enterprise, everything can be managed & tracked by using ERP Systems.

Why Educational Institutions need ERP software?

Curriculum management & planning

By planning the course curriculum, ERP offers the data about faculty, seats, students, and many more to the institute. By considering the academic year, it helps to assign courses to teachers and allocate time slots accordingly. Teachers can take up the new timetable from the system and go through it so that they can focus on their work with full concentration.

Student information System (SIS)

This system allows the educational institute to access real-time student and related information. In addition, it helps qualified teachers to come into action. By accessing the entire student database, it helps to track the progress of the student, records the attendance, and takes note of the extra-curricular activities.

Financial Management & Budgeting

The budgeting and monitoring helps to manage the financial accounting of the educational institute with the help of a centralized accounting system. Selection of vendors, payment of bills, and cash transactions can be done efficiently.

Human Resources Management

Employee information, daily attendance records, salary bill, trainings , leaves of absence and many other HR activities can be managed smoothly through this system.

Student Management

Student information builds the platform for inflow of students in the institution. With this data, colleges can plan masters in different streams. It also helps in applying a proper recruitment process to get well-qualified and experienced teacher for the students.

College Management

College Management is the help in the leadership and decision making. In an educational organization, it allows assessing and reviewing the units so that they can develop efficiently.

Institute Financial Management

All the activities of an institute can be monitored by the proper management so that institute can achieve academic as well as financial goals of the institute efficiently. In order to achieve this, a complete solution that accesses all the functional areas of the institute.

By deciding that you want to implement an ERP, it also means that you are willing to make a change or to create a change. Therefore, you have to be 100% committed and dedicated to this end. This choice may prove to be a little complex this choice is also a big risk, and you need to take it.

Since ERP is a subject of enterprise-wide implementation, the project requires the organization’s leadership participation at the beginning of the project for overall success. ERP implementation is a gradual process of replacement; it will not only alter all new, current and future related applications and systems to the ERP software but also will replace the existing system completely. 

The implementation of ERP software is challenging but the positive results are always worth it. Some of the planners face difficulties in executing these projects for over a decade but end up achieving success, when the organization is prepared for the whole process. ERP implementation projects can also be an expensive affair depending upon the cost and size of the organization.


In today’s world with the exponential growth of the technology, the educational institutions have to concentrate on the quality of the education to serve the society. The ERP implementation for educational institution will not only solve all the problems of the institute such as to improve the operations but also will make the institute more intelligent that will ensure its growth.

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