A Complete Guide to Project Management Software for Architects

4 years ago

Performance efficiency is the key to successful project delivery in the architecture and construction spheres. That’s why a thoughtful organization of workflows and strict compliance with them are crucial there.

However, successful planning and realization of architectural and construction projects are hardly possible without specialized project management software.

As an architecture professional, you’ll most likely realize that a ton of construction-related information is scattered in different formats. This is a direct consequence of the current state of project management tools, and of the fact that different parties (designers, engineering firms, contractors) use their own solutions, leaving you deal with these key issues almost alone.

Record-keeping and various processes are always pain in the neck and cause many headaches for construction companies and their teams. Otherwise, what is the point of intelligent equipment and multifunctional software. In this regard, project management software seems like a gift from heaven. It has reasonable and comprehensible work templates, automated workflows, and the ability to plan and optimize the performance of the largest undertakings.

Fortunately, in the architecture and construction sectors, the situation is changing for the better. Numerous cutting-edge platforms are taking over the market and offering tools to handle clients’ communication, finances, design, and engineering to guarantee full project efficiency.

However, the choice of software is actually a great challenge for you and your team. Ranging from huge, but less flexible, to small and modest, but with no drawbacks in performance, the list of projects management software seems endless. Therefore, it’s essential to make a smart choice to have a reliable and single tool for each project you work on.

Adaptability to the specific needs of your business is another thing to be considered. The perfect solution should have an option to manage projects where different enterprises are involved. A good example is when an architect gets a project from a customer and their agency that involves an engineering firm and a contractor.

The software must also be able to handle tasks of different parties involved in the project.

In order to solve this problem, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of several specific products that have been developed for the architecture and construction spheres. Let’s immediately distinguish the types of architecture and construction-related job management software into three categories:

Commercial platforms for architectural practices. These solutions offer specific features for managing the day-to-day work of a construction, engineering, and design firm. You can use them on your own or as a part of the enterprise.

Platforms for individual architects. These solutions are tailored for architects who are working alone as freelancers. They are mostly user-friendly and easy to manage. The efficiency and flexibility of these platforms depend on the number of products that you’re planning to use within the whole architecture and construction process.

Platforms for small companies. Focused on arhictects and contractors, these platforms are more easy to manage for small companies (either one-man-businesses or small firms). Moreover, they are perfect for fields with little to no IT infrastructure.

Don’t forget that we will consider only Cloud-based solutions.

Achieve more than you imagine with ease

Construction Manager Software for Architects: Drafting, Scheduling, and Review

Architectural products have become the market leader in the construction and engineering design industry, as the needs of users continue to grow and evolve.

The platform covers all aspects of the industry such as job management, design, and bidding, making it ideal task management software for architects.

This is an enormously convenient tool for managing work and projects. The main thing is to realize the benefits of this solution and to create a good structure of the data.

Use it for:

  • Project tracking for single projects
  • Construction managers
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • Contractor companies

Why is it worth choosing Architectural Products?

Officially designed for professional use, the platform is a perfect tool for managing construction companies, as it helps you organize your workflow and streamline operations.

You can easily move to a new stage, as the template for each stage is well thought-through. For example, using the template for project assessment templates, you can create a project assessment procedure and create a design/technique/construction management plan.

There are many additional useful tools for you to work with. One of them is the tabbed pane interface, the core of the system. It is supplied with a backlog of jobs, called Backlog, notepad, and a Projects Files system, allowing you to create documentation.

There is also a possibility to customize the interface for your needs making it according to your liking. Actually, all actions can be easily achieved with a click of the mouse.

What’s more, the application sequentially calculates the job planning, budget planning for each project, as well as job estimating. Using the workflow function, you can set up stages, bills, and design points.

What makes a difference between Architectural Products with other platforms?

Many other project management tools focus on developing a long-term vision. However, Architectural Products is a great solution if you’re looking for a tool that is specifically designed for managing different types of projects in your construction, engineering, and design firm.

The use of the platform within the whole architecture and construction sphere is absolutely without any doubt. It is a flexible tool that offers various customization options for the exact needs of your business.

The product is quite easy to use and comes with clear guidelines and tutorials.

Now let’s look at why you should consider this solution with a critical eye and show what the developers missed.

What can be improved in the near future?

The only thing that might be improved is the navigation, which can be sometimes quite confusing when you’re accessing it for the first time.

Don’t forget that the solution has many useful functions for managing different stages of a project. However, this is not a one-size-fits-all solution, as it might not be suitable for a small one-man business.

Having a clear task management software for architects like this one will certainly make the construction process much easier. The platform is definitely easy to work with, yet the number of functions may make it difficult for you to organize tasks and identify key pieces of information at the right time.

Benefits of Project Management Software for Architects

  1. іt саn significantly increase the efficiency of your firm, as it manages projects in every stage starting from the design to the built stage.
  2. The program allows you to streamline your workflow and drastically reduces customer churn. Make the right deals and get clients running.
  3. It helps your agency or office to grow. And with growth comes more business. A larger agency means a larger number of jobs and sales, which means larger revenue and profits for the business.
  4. With a lot of other features, you can easily reach a lot of prospects at the same time. And with the proper use of this platform, you can easily get your money back.
  5. You are able to reshape your agency image even if the reviews don`t say anything about the image.

Pricing Scales

The pricing for software of this kind is quite varied, so it is a good idea to set your budget, so you can compare not only the number of features included in the software but also the price.

Ask yourself what price can be reasonable for a tool that helps you manage your construction job planning and manages each stage and every aspect of your job. Definitely, the price should be worth it.

The first thing to consider is the price per user, and the answer to this question depends on the kind of license you will need.


If you have any additional questions and require tech support, you can contact the support team via email. The support is available 24/7, so be sure to contact it whenever you need additional help.

Key Features

Incredible features that are included in this software:

  • Data import and export

The software allows you to export your data into different formats and also migrate the database to other software.


Due to the fact that the product is created with flexibility in mind, it offers you a great number of customization options.

The cloud version allows you to work anywhere you want. You can access your database database from anywhere in the world.

Easy to use

This tool is very easy to use even if you are not the tech-savvy type. You don’t need to learn a lot of things before using it.

It has clear guidelines and even a help center with tutorials that can provide you with any information you might be looking for.

Data integrity

The software allows you to improve data integrity.

This function guarantees you that you can always see how much scope you have done and how much is left. It’s where you can see all stages under each one project.


The solution provides real-time reporting. You can keep track of the overall progress of the whole project and adjust your schedule accordingly.

You can see the progress of each player at the task level.


As stated before, the platform is highly customizable. It allows you to integrate the same database with other tools and applications you use.

In addition, the application provides great customization options for you to make it according to your requirements.

Various features

The application is available with a number of features that will make your job easier then you need it to be.

In addition, it offers advanced and innovative features that will never cease to surprise you.

Customer eligibility

The solution is available to everyone. You can easily get a license for either a team member or for the whole business.

This is why you should consider the software if you want to improve how you work and see the results.

Easy to plug-in

The developer team works really hard to provide tools that are easy to use. They do this not only with every new release, but with every update as well.

Customer support

The customer support is very responsive. You can easily get in touch with them via Facebook, Skype, or email.

The help center provides excellent guidelines and tutorials on how you can use every feature offered by the platform.

Available customer support is another reason to choose this solution. You should consider it if you want to create a workflow that can help you create any project.


The software is a great tool that holds different solutions. As an architect, you might not have enough time to actually perform your work, despite the fact that you might be working for the same firm or agency for a number of years.

To close the trusted loop, you can use this platform and many more project management tools we`ve reviewed, which are for sale on the market right now.

If you want to get rid of disorganization and get more time for creating a project, then order the solution. Hope you get the best from it and have a good experience with it.

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