Bangalore’s Pioneering Firms Leading in the Indian Women’s Industry

5 months ago


Women’s influence in the world has drastically increased in all walks of life, including businesses. The dynamic start-ups based in Bangalore, the technology hub of India, is a testimonial for this change. Among these businesses, some are working tirelessly to enhance the lives of women by providing innovative solutions in healthcare, lifestyle, and professional development. These organizations cater to the varied needs of the modern woman, right from personal care, wellness, and fashion to empowering them professionally. This article acquaints us with some of the best-established businesses in the women’s industry based in Bangalore.

Cloudnine Hospitals

Cloudnine Hospitals, established by Dr. R. Kishore Kumar, Vidya Kumar, and Rohit M.A., is a healthcare pioneer that has significantly contributed to India’s child care, medical, and women’s healthcare sectors since 2007. With over 20 faculties across India, they focus on “Comprehensive maternal, gynaecological, neonatal and paediatric care,” aiming to bridge the gap between Indian and international standards of healthcare. Also, Cloudnine has indeed revolutionized the societal perception of pregnancy from being an ailment to a celebration of life. Connect with them on @CloudnineCare (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates.

Ask DeeDee

Ask DeeDee, founded in 2019, is the go-to healthcare platform in Bangalore that supports women by providing confidential and professional sexual health advice. The platform enables women to ask sexual health-related questions anonymously and get professional responses quickly. Get more information from their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

YLG Salon

Managed by R & R salons Private Ltd, YLG Salon, founded by Rahul Bhalchandra and Vaijayanti Bhalchandra, is a one-stop beauty destination. Having defined beauty standards for Indian women, the salon continues to offer professional beauty services across the nation. Stay updated with their services via their Facebook page.


MyBabyCart, an e-commerce platform founded by Manasvi Sharma, Mridula Arora, and Nandita Sinha, aims to provide opportunities for enterprising women to showcase their skills while staying at home. They focus on connecting consumers to the amazing skill set of women working from home. Follow them on @mybabycart (Twitter) and their Facebook page for more information.

Modenik Lifestyle

Bringing forth a blend of fashion and comfort, Modenik Lifestyle manufactures intimate and casual attire for both men and women.


Enamor, renowned for its high-quality range of lingerie, sportswear, and athleisure wear, has been an Indian women’s favorite ever since its establishment, redefining the fashion norms of the country. Stay connected with them on @EnamorIndia (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Kiriti Acharjee, HealthFab operates in the e-commerce and health sector offering a range of wellness products to online customers. Find more about them on @healthfabindia (Twitter) and Facebook.

Rent n Flaunt

Rent n Flaunt, an ingenious initiative by Sakshi Goel, is a platform that allows women to rent luxury and designer fashion accessories. This subscription-based rental service enables unlimited period rentals on jewellery and handbags, making luxury more affordable for modern women. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information.

Girls Buzz

Girls Buzz, established in 2018, is an inclusive digital platform dedicated towards creating a safe space for women where they share their joys, concerns, and everything in between. Aimed at empowering women, it is based in Bangalore. Follow them on @GirlsBuzzIndia (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates.


India1001, founded by Arvind (AraA) Rajkumar and Ruchi Makhija, is an e-commerce platform dedicated towards authentic Indian styles and trends. Check them out on @india_1001 (Twitter) and Facebook.


LeadNOW, founded by Sujitha Karnad, is a trailblazing platform that consults and provides numerous professional services, with a focus on women’s empowerment. Stay updated with their work through @LeadNOW_in (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn.

These organizations are not just businesses; they are a testament to the emerging influence of women in industry and commerce, the champions of equality and inclusivity. Showcasing the innumerable opportunities offered in the women’s industry, these Bangalore based initiatives are wonderful places for women to explore, indulge and get empowered.

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