Beijing Women’s Industry Leaders: A Spotlight on Innovative Companies

5 months ago

Beijing, the capital of China, has a burgeoning Women’s industry, ranging from fashion to health care to e-commerce. Bursting with innovative energy, the city is a breeding ground for flourishing companies that cater to the multifaceted needs of women. This article presents a selection of thriving companies operating within the women’s sphere and headquartered in Beijing, reflecting the diverse scope and impact of the women’s industry in China’s tech and business landscape.

These companies demonstrate innovation in their offerings and business models, creating unique opportunities for both consumers and businesses alike. From rental fashion platforms to mobile health apps designed for mothers, these enterprises are transforming the way women shop, seek healthcare, and interact with technological platforms. Let’s delve into the profiles of these Beijing-based organizations, what they offer, and the impact they’ve had within the industry.

It’s important to emphasize the variety of fields in which these companies operate. While all are dedicated to serving women in one form or another, the range of sectors represented is broad, encompassing everything from health care to fashion to technology. This diverse set of companies demonstrates the multifaceted nature of the women’s industry and the different ways it intersects with technology and innovation.


An innovative fashion rental platform founded by Mengyuan Liu and Michael Chen Wang, YCloset provided users with a monthly rental service by partnering with popular fashion brands. Although the firm closed its operations in 2021, its business model and widespread coverage of over 40 cities in China underscore its significant imprint on the rental and fashion landscape. For more information, you can check their profile on LinkedIn.


Operating within the beauty and healthcare industry, AESTHETIC is another star in Beijing’s women’s niche. Detailed information about their key operations and their contributions to the beauty and healthcare industry can be viewed on their LinkedIn page.

Anxin Doctor

Created by Xing Ge, Anxin Doctor is an innovative mobile-based platform offering maternity and pediatric health services. By bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers, Anxin Doctor has revolutionized child care and maternal health services.


With Jian Liu as one of the founders, DARE ONE has made its mark in the e-commerce fashion industry.


Dayima, the creation of Ke Chai, is a mobile application dedicated to providing menstrual support. Besides basic calendar tracking, Dayima offers personalized advice through a professional test and fosters user interaction with forums and voting.


Operating in the e-commerce, fashion, jewelry, and women’s industries, Azlook is a brainchild of founder Rufen Wei.


TAO TAO XI, led by founder Shaonian Jian, operates within the apps and women’s information services sectors.


Founded by Jianmin Wu, SHOWLONG is a notable name in the fashion and manufacturing arena. Get a glimpse of their business operations on their LinkedIn page.

If Shishang

Co-founded by Ran Li and Yong Pan, If Shishang is making a substantial impact on the consumer goods and fashion stadiums. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Xingzhi Zaixian

Operating in the consulting and healthcare sectors, Xingzhi Zaixian is yet another influential player catering to women’s needs.


Founded by Yirong Xu, Meilishuo is a popular e-commerce platform often compared to Pinterest. This platform hosts millions of unique product listings and has a considerable user base, as showcased on their LinkedIn page. The site primarily features products from Taobao and earns through commission on sales initiated through their platform.

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