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For many of us, navigating how to work from home can be challenging. However, making improvements to your home office is a great way to aid more productivity and increase general well-being. Here are just some of the improvements you can make:

Upgrade heating

As we enter into the colder months, and with energy bills set to rise significantly, ensuring you have modern radiators is an effective way to both save money and stay warm this winter. Although there is an initial investment cost, upgrading your radiators will benefit you financially in the long term as new radiators are typically more efficient meaning you will spend less on energy, whilst also being more environmentally friendly. As well as the environmental and economical benefits, it is also crucial to work at a comfortable temperature to make sure you are able to be productive.

Prioritise your posture

It is easy to neglect your posture when working from home, but there are countless benefits to maintaining a good posture. There are lots of ways to be considerate of this within your home office. Firstly, start with the set-up from where you work. Ensure you have a supportive chair, well-positioned screens, and an adequately elevated desk. Don’t overlook additional posture improvers too, such as footrests and ergonomic mouses.

Secondly, consider how long you are typically working at your desk, and be sure to take adequate breaks to stretch your legs and rest your eyes from screens. It could be worth setting alarms to remind yourself to do this throughout the day.

Add in greenery

As well as improving the aesthetics of your office, there are ample health benefits to introducing plants into your office space. Just some of these benefits include improved air quality, reduction in fatigue and blood pressure, and improved focus. Be sure to add some plants into your office to access these benefits.

Remove distractions

Working can home can often be very distracting, especially if you live with other people who are typically home whilst you are working. Whilst some distractions are inevitable, there are things you can do to remove unnecessary distractions from your home office. Start with a large declutter as this will allow the space to feel more conducive to productivity. Next, organise your desk and ensure you have everything you need to work productively. If you are constantly searching for things, then consider investing in some desk organisers to remove this problem. As well as removing visual distractions, it is also useful to remove or reduce any noise distractions. Offices don’t need to be silent but loud keyboards or the constant pinging of notifications can prove very distracting throughout the day so removing these where possible will help increase productivity levels.

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