Best Mapping Software for Creating Custom Maps

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3 years ago

One of the easiest ways to improve your company revenue is understanding the sales territories impacted by your business. While previously this demanded that sales representatives and teams had a complete and comprehensive understanding of their area and demographic, technology today has automated that process. As a result, relevant data and demographics are readily available at the touch of a button. Mapping software should be a mandatory program for all businesses, especially sales departments wanting to expand.

To help get you started, here are a few online mapping tools to increase relevant consumer data:

Xactly AlignStar

This software is ideal for medium businesses or large enterprises wanting to automate their territory management. Users will be able to create thematic maps, map-based interfaces, and predictive analytics using the program, complete with custom layer functionality. Sales managers can visualize customer data to uncover opportunities and high sales potential areas.


Designed as a diverse program for virtually any industry, this program helps visualize proximity data and allows any spreadsheet to become a customized Google Map. Users can use online mapping tools to create colored pin maps, heat maps, territory, and demographic maps. Companies can develop optimized routes with integrated functionality. Managers can help management better understand geographic data with many custom options.


Ideal for multiple organizations, including retailers, marketers, and sales teams, this program brings territory map-making to any organization. This business tool transforms static data into dynamic maps. Users can define sales territories, interpret thematic maps, develop custom reports and bring map customization to any business development team.


This software works on two different levels; in-house use is designed for businesses wanting to better understand their data. Alternatively, the consulting license is available for professional consulting industries. Individuals will be able to download data, creating demographic content within the platform. They’ll also be able to develop thematic maps, custom content and implement geographical datasets for their specific business.


This program is a comprehensive geographic information system that provides the tools needed to understand how geography is influencing your company. With direct importing, desktop mapping, and spatial analysis, you’ll have everything you need to form deeper insight into your company. Find hidden opportunities, assess target audiences, and spot any patterns or trends developing through geographical locations.

Considerations for a Mapping Software

Data Considerations

Before using mapping software, considerations need to be made for the amount of data you’ll need to integrate. Do you have relational data, or is the audience more geographically located? Take a few moments to consider whether the data is going to change or whether the content is going to be static. Mapping software is developed for different needs, depending on the intent.

Learning Curve

Software is only beneficial if you’re able to navigate all the features. Learning how to use the software can be time-intensive, which can influence how a company’s resources (such as time, energy, resources, and staffing needs). For example, a one-off project should require minimal effort and ease of use. On the other hand, if you’re planning on integrating mapping software regularly, having a professional program that offers all the features your company needs is more beneficial long term.

Features Offered

When choosing a program, review the list of features offered by each individual company. Look at the integration offered with third-party sites (for example, Google Maps) and how those integrations work within your company. Customized maps, data set implementation, presentation functionality, and navigation are all critical components for businesses wanting to integrate mapping into their reviews regularly.

Having sales mapping software also provides insights into current regions and potential expansions in the future. Proper review can also ensure that territories are not overlapping, accountability for representatives, and assessment of geographical division among the teams. Likewise, marketing and advertising efforts can target areas with high concentrations of customers instead of wasting funds where they won’t produce a return. As a result, less marketing budget can increase the overall return on investment.

Route Planning

If you’re hoping to reduce planning for sales or delivery routes, consider using a program with route planning components. Route planning connects your representatives with an optimized route according to current traffic and distance. Most planning components include reducing travel costs, improved fuel efficiency, and higher levels of clients served within a specific region or territory.

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