Chicago’s Prominent Women’s Industry Companies Shaping Market Trends

4 months ago

Chicago, known for its piercing skyline and thriving cultural scene, is also home to an array of diverse companies falling under the women-oriented industry. These companies, ubiquitous in career planning, fashion, health, and wellness, are innovatively carving niches for women and advocating for their growth and development. Through this article, we give you a closer look at 10 of Chicago’s women-centric companies, reflecting on their journeys, missions, and the tangible changes they’re bringing about in the world.

The companies we’ve chosen to highlight, range from The Mom Project focused on unlocking the potential of working moms, to the Chicago Women in Trades supporting women training in practical skills. From fashion and footwear with City Soles and Notre, to health with LionPose and Fillow, we’ll provide comprehensive insights into these powerhouse entities. As we delve into Russian Pointe’s commitment to high-quality dance supplies, the Chicago Red Stars’ dedication to professional women’s soccer, and the expansive online community of, we’ll discover the collective power of women-oriented businesses in delivering industry-defining values.

Lastly, we’ll discuss the chic fashion of Posh Mommy and Women’s Council of REALTORS, advancing women’s leadership in the real estate domain. As we explore these fantastic companies, we hope their emphasis on empowering women speaks volumes and inspires readers to support these inclusive businesses.

The Mom Project

The Mom Project, co-founded by Allison and Gregory Robinson, recognizes the invaluable contribution of mothers in the workforce. With a diverse community of over 500,000 parents and allies, The Mom Project fosters an engaging platform that links individuals with flexible work options at Fortune-500s and small businesses. The Mom Project is committed to a favorable work environment for women, enhancing the career landscapes by presenting opportunities that align with their personal ambitions. Connect with The Mom Project on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Chicago Women In Trades

For years, Chicago Women In Trades has been a staunch supporter of women workers and trainees. This organization champions the enrichment of women in various trades, ensuring their continuous advancement and empowerment. Their persistent advocacy for women in the labor sector establishes an inclusive and equitable work environment. Stay updated via Twitter and Facebook.

City Soles

Founded by Scott Starbuck, City Soles introduces its customers to an eclectic selection of European footwear for men and women, sourced from across continents. This online store has shoes for every occasion, from casual footwear to sleek Italian boots and Spanish high heels. Launched in January 1991, City Soles actively connects with their audience via Twitter and Facebook.

Lion Pose

Lion Pose is a unique cosmetic brand, masterminded by founders Madhu Punjabi and Nisha P. Their primary directive is to address hyperpigmentation in brown skin through highly effective products. Lion Pose draws upon scientific innovation to construct its potent, skin-friendly formulas. Learn more about their offerings on LinkedIn.


Specializing in apparel and footwear, Notre presents an assorted collection of clothes for men and women. They carry high-quality brands and products, striving to connect with their customers through culture, commerce and cause. Their wide array of product categories includes clothing, footwear, and accessories. Connect with Notre on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Fillow aims at revolutionizing the feminine hygiene sector by making period management comfortable and easy. Providing a unique product that combines the best aspects of tampons and menstrual cups, Fillow encourages, empowers, and uplifts modern women. Stay tuned for updates on LinkedIn.

Russian Pointe

Founded in 1998, Russian Pointe is a global brand known for innovative and superior-quality dance products. From precisely fitting pointe shoes to a vast array of dance shoes, apparel, and accessories, they serve brands worldwide. The Chicago-based company remains dedicated to customer care, delivering a blend of traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist. Connect with Russian Pointe on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Chicago Red Stars

The Chicago Red Stars, established in 2007, is the oldest winning team in professional women’s soccer with a rich legacy of consistent performances. Major contributors to the National Women’s Soccer League, the team has made the postseason for six consecutive seasons from 2015-2020. Reach out to them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn., co-founded by Mark Kaufman and Jodi Luber, is a robust online community offering various services and information, inclusive of recipes, parenting tips, health and wellness, and more. The objective is to create an interactive platform for women to connect, engage, and discuss important subjects. Follow on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Posh Mommy

Posh Mommy presents an exquisite collection of personalized jewelry, making it a popular choice amongst trendy moms and celebrities. Their range of products expands from commemorating precious moments for moms to include gifts for grads, dads, brides, and strong women. Connect with Posh Mommy on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Women’s Council of REALTORS

The Women’s Council of REALTORS is a fervent advocate for women in the real estate industry. They provide each member with the necessary tools, training, and support to attain individual leadership potential and business goals. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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