Denver’s Leading Innovators in the Thriving Women’s Lifestyle Industry

5 months ago

In Denver, Colorado, a dynamic cohort of companies are trailblazing the women’s industry with their array of products and services. These organizations play a vital role in various sectors, including health care, e-commerce, fashion, personal health, lifestyle, non-profit, and the legal field. They are empowering women, transforming lives, and positively impacting communities. This article highlights ten diverse companies enhancing the women’s industry in Denver.

Each of these businesses addresses distinct spheres of women’s lives, ranging from reproductive health to undergarments, hormonal imbalances, stylish headbands, sports wear to non-profit organizations servicing women in need. You’ll find companies providing excellent healthcare and others committed to boosting women’s incomes through e-commerce. Each business is detailed below, providing an inside look into the valuable services and products they offer.

Follow the provided links to learn more about each company, get to know their founders’ visions, and explore the incredible work they are doing in the women’s industry.


Rescripted, co-founded by Abby Mercado, Kristyn Hodgdon, and Peregrin Marshall, is a global media platform for fertility, dedicated to reforming Sex Ed and providing content, tools, and resources for women at various stages of the reproductive lifecycle. They advocate for fertility health as a component of overall health. Visit their
website to learn more.


BootayBag, founded by Ellyette Gheno, is a subscription service delivering trendy, affordable underwear to women’s doorsteps. The company actively promotes positive body image and supports the Melanoma Foundation. Explore their
website for more information.


Pollie, founded by Jane Sagui and Sabrina Mason, helps women better understand and manage hormonal imbalances and assists independent specialists in growing their practices. Please visit their
website to find out more.

Headbands of Hope

Founded by Jess Ekstrom, Headbands of Hope offers stylish headbands through their e-commerce platform, doing their part to improve women’s lives in Denver. More about this company is available on their


Dragonwing, founded by MaryAnne Gucciardi, is a lifestyle and fashion company dedicated to empowering women. Visit their
website for further details.

The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is a non-profit organization providing basic necessities, guidance, and support for women and transgender individuals living in poverty. Know more about their work on their

Midtown Obstetrics and Gynecology

Midtown Obstetrics and Gynecology offers indispensable women’s healthcare services, including prenatal and postpartum care. Comprehensive information is available on their

Downtown Women’s Health Care

Downtown Women’s Health Care specializes in women’s health care and gynecological clinical research. More details are available on their

Threads Worldwide

Threads Worldwide offers beautiful, ethically-made jewelry and accessories through their e-commerce platform, providing income for women worldwide. Visit their
website to explore their range of products.

The Colorado Women’s Bar Association

The Colorado Women’s Bar Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advancing women in the legal profession. Further details can be found on the

Junior League of Denver

Lastly, the Junior League of Denver is a non-profit association promoting volunteerism, developing women’s potential, and enhancing the community. Visit their
website to learn more about their projects and join in their mission.

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