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Leading a team, whether a team of 10 or 100 can be a difficult task, requiring the very best problem-solving skills you can manage (more information). One of the hardest things to do is keep that team productive throughout a working day, month or year.

Sometimes, team members need that extra bit of inspiration to be more productive and get more work done during the day.

With more people working from home, it can be difficult to communicate with your team as a whole making them less productive in the process.

However, here at Chanty we are going to show you a few simple and easy steps you can take to help your team become more productive.

Give More Responsibility to Employees

There is great power in giving your team members more ownership and responsibility for their work. When you make a team member accountable for their work, the responsibility means that they will work harder and faster to make sure that the work is perfect.

If your team members can feel involved in the decision-making processes then they can begin to care more about their work and the work that the company does. It also shows them that you trust them and this will give them confidence in their work allowing them to become more productive in the process.

Understand Your Team Members

Every member of your team will have a different work style. People work in different ways but you can make your team productive by understanding and embracing those styles.

If you know you have a team member who is more creative, works better in the mornings or is a better communicator, then use those team members to your advantage.

Give team members tasks based on their skill set and you will see that when team members are good and enjoy the work they are doing the whole team will become more productive.

Taking Care of Physical and Mental Health

Taking care of your staff goes further than the day-to-day responsibilities you will have as a manager or employer. Making sure the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees and teams are taken care of are crucial. This will cover everything from checking their working from home set up and making sure it is conducive to comfortable working to making sure they take adequate time off to recharge.

Some employers may even go as far as ensuring their staff have high quality bedding, like a Hungarian goose down duvet or similar, to really supercharge the rest and recuperation their teams can benefit from over the longer term.

Communication Is Key

The key tool to any productive team is communication. If a team can communicate well, and all team members understand what is going on day-to-day then your team will be productive.

Without effective communication, the business will fail. Bad communication can lead to confusion, people doing other people’s tasks and a disorganised mess of a company.

In this fast-paced digital world, having a clear understanding of your goals and tasks can make or break a business. However, using apps like Chanty will allow you to take control over your team space and organise and communicate effectively.

Communicating well within your team will make your team much more productive and is a very easy and simple thing to get right.

Create A Conducive Company Culture

Creating a company culture that is conducive to work and breeds productivity is easier than you might think.

When the quality of the work environment around them increases, employees are more likely to invest their interest, energy and attention into achieving the company’s goals.

A strong company culture includes clear goals, transparent policies and explicit tasks, as well as making the office or remote office more fun and healthier to be a part of.

With increased and better communication and collaboration between your team you can become a more productive company in no time.

Promoting idea sharing, open communication and creativity are just a few things you can do to help your company culture positively impact your team’s productivity. Managing a team can sometimes feel like a harder task than most, but with these easy and simple steps you can make your team more productive quickly.

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