Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: Women’s Industry Leaders in São Paulo Spotlight

5 months ago

This article provides an overview of companies operating within the women’s industry, specifically those housed in São Paulo, Brazil. São Paulo, one of the largest cities in South America, is a bustling economic hub with a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, birthplace to many influential businesses. These companies span various sectors, including retail, health care, beauty, media and more, with a shared interest in advancing the lives of women.

From empowering women through technology to offering stellar products catering to feminine needs, these companies are shaping the women’s industry market. With their innovative ideas and services, they inspire change, promote inclusivity, and strive for better opportunities for women in the business world. This article aims to highlight and share information about these ground-breaking companies.

Without further ado, here are some of the companies, their descriptions, founders, and a little bit about what they do:


Founders: Flavia Deutsch, Paula Crespi

Theia, primarily focusing on Baby, Children, Health Care, Information Technology, Parenting, Women’s sectors, is the world’s first personalized O2O health service built by and for moms. Their network of vetted doctors and specialists ensure that all mothers receive holistic care, before, during and after pregnancy. They equip mothers with a complete health team for both remote and in-person consultations and reliable content throughout their parenting journey. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founders: Anderson Birman and Jefferson Birman

Arezzo&Co operates in the retail sector specializing in footwear, bags, and women’s accessories. They are committed to providing high-quality products reflecting the latest fashion trends. Check out their LinkedIn for more company updates.

Bloom Care

Founders: Antonia Brandão Teixeira and Roberta Sotomaior

The healthcare company, Bloom Care, is leading a transformation in the way women and families access healthcare. With a focus on employees planning, expecting or raising a child, Bloom Care provides data-driven, virtual-first healthcare services. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn .


Founders: Dominique Oliver, Lodovico Brioschi, Roberto Thiele

AMARO operates in key sectors such as Beauty, E-Commerce, Fashion, Home Decor, Marketing, Retail, Retail Technology, and Women’s. Our social connections are available on Facebook and LinkedIn.





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