Empowering Female Industry: The Women-Owned Enterprises Thriving in St. Louis

5 months ago

St Louis, Missouri, is not just known for its iconic Gateway Arch, but also as an origin of several women-intensive businesses. These uniquely diverse companies, operating in various industries ranging from beauty and health care, to employment, education, and social service, find their roots in this vibrant city. Empowering women in different spheres, businesses with women leaders, and those catering specifically to women, these companies portray a commitment to excellence while adding value to society with their contribution. Let’s have a look at some of these businesses that are turning heads in St. Louis.

Whether you’re interested in organic skincare solutions, cutting-edge nutritional health guides, or transformative employment and education initiatives, St. Louis has an array of companies to choose from. Technology has extensively broadened the horizon for these women-centric firms to flourish, offering services that support and encourage female power. They’re not just building businesses but also actively contributing to societal wellbeing – inspiring, uplifting and motivating women from all walks of life.

Each of these companies has something unique to offer, from personalized beauty products to education programs, all aimed at making lives better. Below is an up-close look at these women-intensive firms giving a new dimension to business while holding the flag of women empowerment high.

Bloom Beauty Brand

Founded by Natalie King, Bloom Beauty Brand is a beauty-tech firm specializing in creating natural hair wellness products specifically designed for women with textured hair. Their focus on wellness shines through their all-natural approach and commitment to empowering users with quality, transformative beauty products. Learn more here.

Sonder Lush Nail Studio

Sonder Lush Nail Studio is setting a new trend in the beauty industry with its focus on clean beauty. The studio provides manicure and pedicure services using the latest environmentally-clean products, making your beauty regime guilt-free and sustainable. Glimpse their work at Facebook.

Shelby Marie

Shelby Marie is a luxury fragrance bar where anyone can create their own personal fragrance blends and bath & body products with the guidance of a master formulator. With a unique and creative approach towards beauty and personalized care, Shelby Marie makes luxury accessible to everyone.

Almost Home

Almost Home’s mission stretches across several key domains like education, healthcare, and employment. With a focus on providing a nurturing environment for women, their programs empower women through a holistic approach to personal development. Stay connected with them at @almosthomestl and LinkedIn.

The Women’s Safe House

The Women’s Safe House is a non-profit organization providing a refuge to women who experienced domestic violence. They provide needed assistance and guidance to transform the lives of these women positively. Learn more about their work at Facebook and on their LinkedIn page.

Birthright STL

Birthright STL operates in the non-profit healthcare industry, offering vital support to pregnant women. They work diligently to provide service and care for those in need, helping women give life. Engage with them on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

Haven of Grace

Heaven of Grace provides a safe, nurturing home and long-term support to mothers and children in need. With a focus on education and empowerment, they create an environment where young mothers can bond with their children while transforming their lives. Stay tuned to their posts at Facebook and at LinkedIn.


Founded by Najjuwah Walden, Vulvopedia is a health and wellness company that uses food as medicine to naturally treat Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). You can follow their discussion on @vulvopedia.

Garden Botanika Direct

Garden Botanika Direct merges nature, science, and skin care to create affordable skin-care solutions for women. Their range of products is formulated through expert research and development, and are botanical in essence. Stay connected via their LinkedIn page.

Legacy Physical Therapy

Legacy Physical Therapy, founded by Brooke Kalisiak, is a healthcare firm offering therapeutic services for women. Connect with them on Facebook and their LinkedIn page.

Girls in the Know

Girls in the Know aims to provide health education and empowerment for young girls through virtual live and in-person workshops. The lesbian non-profit is dedicated to driving change through informed dialogue. Explore their services on Facebook.

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