Empowering Female-Led San Francisco Companies Revolutionizing the Women’s Industry

5 months ago

The city of San Francisco, illustrious for its vibrant start-up environment and innovative culture, is home to a wide range of companies in the women’s industry. In this article, we delve into the details of several companies that are making waves in this sector. From health care and wellness to fashion and lifestyle, these companies are pushing boundaries, fostering inclusivity and encouraging women to take reigns of their life.

While these organizations span varying industries, they are unified by a common thread – recognizably enhancing the lives of women. From telemedicine platforms to fashion retailers, across the span of wellness services and fertility guidance, these companies are providing women with platforms, products, and knowledge to help them flourish in different aspects of life. Let’s dive in and get acquainted with some of these ground-breaking pioneers in the women’s industry.

Established firms and cutting-edge start-ups alike, these companies are shaping the future of women’s industry and paving the way for new market trends. Each of them brings something unique to the table. Now, let’s look at these companies in detail.

Hims & Hers

Established by Andrew Dudum, Hilary Coles, Jack Abraham, and Joe Spector, Hims & Hers operates in the health care, lifestyle, men’s, wellness, and women’s industry. The company aims to debunk stigmas and make healthcare more accessible for all. Launched initially as Hims, offering telemedicine services for conditions like erectile dysfunction and hair loss, it later expanded into Hers. It has broadened its scope to cover mental health, dermatology, and primary care. The firm has also formed partnerships with Ochsner Health, Mount Sinai Health System, and Privia Health to provide physical in-person visits.


A fashion brand set up by Karla Gallardo and Shilpa Shah, Cuyana operates on the belief of “fewer, better things.” The company sells high-quality, timeless pieces of apparel and accessories sourced from top-tier materials that are crafted to last a lifetime. They are also able to offer products at reasonable prices by selling directly to customers.


Nurx is a digital healthcare brand co-founded by Edvard Engesæth and Hans Gangeskar. It offers multiple services across varying sectors such as reproductive health, at-home testing, and dermatology. They believe in empowering people to take control of their healthcare decisions.

Future Family

Founded by Claire Tomkins and Eve Blossom, Future Family is a fertility firm that offers stress-free fertility solutions for women, men, and couples. Through their subscription-based services, they provide easy plans for IVF, egg freezing, and offer on-demand medical support.


Faye Keegan and Gina Gutierrez came together to establish Dipsea, an original content studio that produces short, immersive audio stories to enhance sexual wellness and encourage a healthy sexual life for women.


Founded by Alicia Jackson, Evernow envisions catering to women’s health care needs at different stages – before, during, and after menopause. They focus on making this journey easier with appropriate medical and wellness care.


Created by Michael Huang, Max Levchin, Kevin Ho, and Chris Martinez, Glow is a fertility app. It provides insightful articles, timely tips, and a trove of health data to achieve desired fertility outcomes. With its app, users can track their cycles and get the most accurate fertility predictions.


Co-founded by Clara Agnes Ault, David Oates, Eli Allen, and William Ault, Curtsy is a mobile shopping platform that lets women buy and sell clothing, shoes, and accessories straight from their phones. It employs machine learning and human reviews to enhance the selling experience.


Revel, brought to life by Lisa and Alexa, is a marketplace for women over 50 to host and join local gatherings. They provide a platform for women to connect and engage on topics of their choice, fostering a sense of community and support.

All Raise

Crafted by Stacey Bishop and Sarah Tavel, All Raise is a non profit organization with the mission to accelerate the success of female founders and funders to help build a more equitable future.


A clean beauty start-up by Jaleh Bisharat and Kimberly Shenk, NakedPoppy matches women with natural makeup products that are better for their skin. They combine technology with rigorous testing to help women enhance their skin regimen.

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