Empowering Istanbul: Spotlight on Women’s Industry Powerhouses in Turkey

5 months ago

In the vibrant city of Istanbul, various innovative companies are making their mark in the women’s industry. They are not only offering valuable products and services but also contributing to the empowerment and inclusion of women in business and entrepreneurship. This article shines a light on these companies, showcasing their contributions and inspiring other women-led organizations around the world.

These companies cover a broad spectrum of industries, from fashion and e-commerce to finance and healthcare. Many of them are driven by strong female leaders and are offering revolutionary solutions tailored for women. Here’s a closer look at each of these companies.

Whether you’re interested in supporting women-led businesses, looking for services catered to women, or simply curious about the dynamic business landscape in Istanbul, these companies offer a wide range of services and products. Their success strengthens the business ecosystem and offers valuable lessons in leadership, innovation, and sustainability.


Modanisa, founded by Kerim Ture, Lale Tuzun, and Sami Guzel, is an online fashion retailer focusing on women’s Islamic clothing, dresses, and accessories. It offers products to women of all ages and delivers worldwide. Not only does Modanisa offer a diverse range of clothing, but it also provides style tips and the latest hijab trends. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for updates and inspiration.


Beije, founded by Doruk Akpek, Eren Ungor, and Naz Ozbek, is a menstrual hygiene subscription service that offers organic and chemical-free products. This subscription service allows users to customize their monthly package, ensuring tailored and high-quality feminine care. Find out more about Beije on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Arya Women’s Investment Platform

Founded by Ahu Serter and Deniz Alexandra Duygu, Arya WIP is a financial platform designed to create acceleration and investment opportunities for women-led ventures. The Arya Women’s Investment Platform believes that investing in women is key to unlocking underutilized societal and economic potential. You can learn more about their initiatives on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Penti, a brand founded by Yasef Kario, offers a diverse range of healing garments, including hosiery, lingerie, home wear, swimwear, and accessories. Explore their products further by checking out their social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Bajica is an Iranian clothing e-commerce company based in Istanbul. Founded in November 2022 by Iman Farzam, Bajica offers clothing for women, men, and children. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates and fashion inspirations.

Ayaydin-Miroglio Group

The Ayaydin-Miroglio Group is an apparel and fashion company known for designing women’s clothing products and accessories. Instagram and LinkedIn.

Rue Les Createurs

. Rue Les Createurs, founded by Lider Polat, is a women’s fashion brand offering reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials made to last beyond the season. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn for more information.

Tekbir Giyim

Fashion company Tekbir Giyim offers a wide range of clothing products. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook for more information.

Gardener Health Group

Gardener Health Group is a healthcare provider offering a range of treatments and tests. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for more information.

Oltu Tasi

Oltu Tasi specializes in handmade jewelry. Stay updated on their latest creations by following them on Twitter and Facebook.

Tesettur Pazari

Tesettur Pazari is an e-commerce company that specializes in fashion and shopping for women. You can follow them on Facebook for updates and new collections.

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