Empowering Madrid-Based Women’s Enterprises Dominating Global Fashion Industry

5 months ago

Madrid, Spain is not just the home to stunning architecture and a rich history, but it also boasts a hub of inspiring businesses operating in various sectors including the women’s industry. From fashion powerhouses to health-focused apps, these companies are making waves and redefining how we perceive women’s industries. This article focuses on companies whose headquarters are located in Madrid and whose impact sweeps across the globe.

All these companies are diverse in nature but share one underlying similarity: they all cater towards the women’s market either directly or indirectly. What’s even more commendable about these companies is their prowess in using technology to elevate their brands to new heights of success, hence revolutionizing the women’s industry.

It’s only fitting to spotlight some of these companies and provide a glimpse into their operations. Here’s an overview of some of the women-oriented companies headquartered in Madrid.


KLING, renowned for its unique collection of beribboned and Liberty-style floral dresses, cute shorts, and princess-like coats, has opened 12 own stores and has become a global fashion supplier to 5000 multi-brand stores, with headquarters in Europe (Madrid) and USA. Their adorable accessories like bags and hats add a vintage twist to the brand. To find out more, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


ADA, an innovative company founded by Alexa Varsavsky and Isabel Oriol, is bringing financial services to unbanked women in Latin America through a conversational chatbot via WhatsApp. The bot aims to provide microcredit support and aids in understanding personal finances. They sell their bot service to Microfinance institutions as a B2B2C SaaS product to help them reach new borrowers and assist their existing clients. Learn more about them on LinkedIn .


Gazella, founded by Alberto Garcia Bataller, Carlos Floría Martín and Lucia Rubio Zornoza, is a women-focused running app. With a focus on health and fitness, Gazella autotunes running training plans based on menstrual cycles. Revolutionizing the way women engage in health and fitness activities, Gazella’s unique approach can be explored through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Known formerly as Grupo Cortefiel, Tendam is a major clothing retailer in Spain with a network of 1,988 point of sales. The company sells proprietary brands in its stores and franchised units. As a pioneer in the fashion industry, Tendam continues to retain its strong position. Stay updated with Tendam on their LinkedIn .

Anna Lozabai

Founded by Ana García Lozano, Anna Lozabai is a digital dressmaker and an online fashion store for women that designs clothing based on customer preference. Launched in March 2014, it’s the first startup of its kind in Spain. View their fashion-forward designs on their Facebook page.

Chenson & Gorett

An online retailer of bags and clothes for both men and women, Chenson & Gorett offers a vast selection of items, including synthetic bags, natural leather bags, handmade bags, and even clothing wear. Discover more of their works on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Enfemenino is a digital hub focusing on all things female. It serves as a platform to discuss different topics on love, travel, health, fashion, and more. Stay connected with Enfemenino on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


MAKAI is a fashion and textile company with working principles of sustainability, very much focused on a younger demographic. They focus on delivering eco-friendly fashion choices. Stay connected with Makai through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Offering a convenient shopping experience, Albano’s extensive collection spans across several styles from casual to cocktail and boho chic. They provide shipping, returns, exchanges, and a myriad of payment options. To discover their collections, visit their Facebook page.

Au Revoir Cinderella

Au Revoir Cinderella, a retail and online business, offers a large selection of women’s shoes from various brands. In addition, they also feature their own line of footwear. Shoes are shipped globally via their website. Check out their exclusive collections on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Painkiller Madrid

PainkillerX is an online store providing a variety of clothes like coats, shirts, T-shirts, jackets, pants, and sweatshirts. They pride themselves in providing limited editions and collaborations with major brands. Discover more of their products on their Facebook page.

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