ERP for Farming | The Complete Guide to ERP for Farming

4 years ago

An ERP for farming can help farmers in tracking which crop is grown in a particular field. ERP systems have been able to scale quickly because they are horizontal applications, transferrable in any industry. The same system can be used to control a farm and a factory. If you need to control horizontal functions — payroll, billing, inventory tracking, logistics, etc. — there is really no better option than a tried and true ERP system.

Why you need an ERP for Farming?

ERP for farming, if tracked can help farmers determine how much they need to order from the supply store and guide them accordingly. ERP systems are very powerful sales/inventory forecasting tools in the industry, too.

ERP for farming can help a farmer to keep track of crop growth and maturity. It will also enable him to know when to plant the next big crop. A farmer can also keep a tab on the soil moisture, help you understand weather patterns, and get an insight into wind patterns.

Most people are still wondering why farming needs an ERP. But ERP for farming can be used to track the exact cost of crops. With this data, it is easier and quicker to determine if there is a need to increase the price of crops, if there are changes in the demand, and many other issues to be addressed.

An ERP system for agriculture can also help farmers to price their products based on miles it is farmed. This is useful to determine how much transportation and distribution cost they should account for.

An ERP system for agriculture is vital to make sure you can control every element of your business. By controlling every element of your farm business, you can be assured of smooth operations in the future.

Farm ERP comprises of accounting, inventory management and checkout functions. Once you get an ERP for farming, you can track all the financial information of your farm and it will be made available to you by simply logging into your computer. The benefit of having ERP for farming is you can decide or predict the best crop for the season.

There are a lot of plus points of having an ERP for farming but the most important advantage is it will help you (the farmer) to get better returns from your farm. The information contained in the palm of your hand is so critical that you cannot operate without it any longer. ERP for farming can help you to predict your income as a farmer, it can help you to get real-time updates on your farm production and it can help you to get real-time information on the fluctuation of the cost of production.

With the help of ERP for farming you will also be able to efficiently control your expenses and improve your profit margins. An ERP system for agriculture will help you to create a dashboard that contains all the information you will need and that you can refer to anytime, from any location. The dashboard in your hand can enrich information on the local market, weather conditions, harvest reports and much more.

Benefits of an ERP for Farming

1. It will help you to maintain your inventory.

2. It will help you to track sales and profits.

3. It will also help you to accurately forecast the output of crops.

4. It will help you to schedule crops better.

5. It will give you crop insurance scheduling.

6. It will help you to account for labor costs.

7. An ERP system for farm will help you to control your expenses.

8. It will help you to develop a better financial budget.

9. It will help you to maintain different price levels of various crops.

10. It will help you to monitor your field conditions.

11. It will help you to measure soil fertility.

12. It will help you to measure your farm yield.

13. It will keep you abreast with the latest trends.

14. It will help you to increase production and productivity.

15. It will help you to get the most from your farm.

16. It will help you to get the highest prices possible for your crops.

These are just a few of the benefits it will give, the biggest one being it will help you make your farm profitable.


Finally, when we sum up the whole discussion, we can say that an ERP for farming is a very practical and easy to use application for farmers that helps with better identification of all fields of farming, help farmers to be aware of market needs in each season, maintain revenue and expenses, and calculate better profits.

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