ERP for Government Contractors | A Quick Guide for Beginners

4 years ago

A modern ERP system designed and configurable to fit your Industry, can allow your team to be more productive with more strategic issues, rather than mundane repetitive data entry and reporting that so many Government contractors are burdened with.

DCAA Compliant Accounting Software – Article

Why Government Contractors need an ERP?

Government Contractors want to maximize profits. They can do so by

a) Reducing waste

b) Eliminating lost opportunities

c) Maximizing revenue

The first and foremost step to accomplish a), b) or c) above is to get your Data straight and up to date. To do this, you need an ERP system.

The next question you need to ask is what is the right choice for your Industry?

An ERP may help you get the following benefits:

– Help you track and control your business processes in real time

– Make available in real time the information you need to make key decisions on the operation of your business

– Play the central role in managing your Customers, Suppliers, Processes and Contracts

– Lower the cost of doing business

– Improve the Performance of your business

– Give you the upper built in potential to achieve superior profitability

– Improve your decision making

An ERP solution can be used to achieve Strategic Alignment through bringing all the disparate elements of an organization into a centralized, single-method-of-attack Database.

An ERP System is designed to be customized to your industry. The system can be designed in such a way that it caters to your Industry Requirements. Additionally, an ERP solution is built as a single, comprehensive application so the System can be managed and deployed by a single IT team and the development lifecycle is much shorter. An ERP solution is designed to minimize the need to manually enter data, reducing errors and wasted time in the day-to-day running of your organization.

Choosing an ERP solution for Government Contractors is choosing a strategic partner that is striving for a long-term partnership to get your data right, to ensure your Contractors are profitable and your customers are satisfied.

Costs and Benefits of Configurable ERP solution for Government Contractors

A Configurable ERP solution is a software package that can track and manage all of the various aspects of your business. By configuring the solution to your industry, you can dramatically reduce your training costs. This is because the software uses your business terminology to describe the areas of your business and makes it much easier for your employees to enter, edit and understand data. This also allows your company to be up and running much sooner.

Tailored ERP solution for Government Contractors can offer cost benefits over generic ERP solutions because your industry is an older industry that is text, clicks and drop down menus away from a Generic ERP solution.

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