Exploring Mumbai’s Pioneers in the Flourishing Women’s Fashion Industry

5 months ago

The city of Mumbai, a bustling metropolis in Maharashtra, India, is a hub for commerce and entrepreneurship. One of the most thriving sectors of entrepreneurship in this city is the Women’s Industry. This article highlights several companies, each with headquarters in Mumbai, which are making significant strides in the Women’s Industry. Discover their stories and understand how they are reshaping the future by empowering women and addressing their specific needs.

These companies belong to a diverse range of sectors such as E-commerce, Health Care, Fashion, Nutrition, Wellness, and more. Founded and managed by insightful leaders, they cater to the populace with their innovative offerings. Their products and services are not only resolving the socio-economic problems women face daily but also shaping the future by breaking the societal barriers and norms surrounding women. Let’s have a closer look.

In the realm of entrepreneurship and business, these firms exemplify strength, perseverance, innovation, and ambition. Through their leaders and entrepreneurial vision, they are empowering thousands of women every day, addressing the challenges they face, and offering them a platform to embrace their womanhood with dignity.

LoveLocal (formerly m.Paani)

Founded by Akanksha Hazari, LoveLocal is offering convenience to its users for all their daily needs through its mobile application. LoveLocal serves local shops and provides them with an online platform to reach out to a broader audience. Fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, and various other items can be ordered online through this app, giving the consumers the ease of digital payments and fast home delivery. LoveLocal is leading the Retail Technology revolution along with serving Small and Medium Businesses. Follow LoveLocal on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Projjol Banerjea, Ravishankar Ramachandran, and Swathi Kulkarni founded Nua with the ambition of revolutionizing the feminine care experience. As an E-commerce and Health Care provider, Nua aspires to become India’s leading femcare brand, committed to caring for every woman’s needs. You can keep up with Nua on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Pinky Promise

Founded by Divya Balaji Kamerkar, Pinky Promise is an innovative health care service provider focused on women’s health. They offer services for contraception, fertility, pregnancy, and many other health concerns women face. By making women’s healthcare convenient and accessible, they aim to eliminate societal prejudice and shame. Follow Pinky Promise updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Wellbeing Nutrition

Founders Avnish Chhabria and Saurabh Kapoor established Wellbeing Nutrition, an online store that specializes in women’s health and nutrition. This Health Care and Nutrition focused company takes pride in offering tailored solutions for women’s health and wellness. Find out what Wellbeing Nutrition is up to on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Cai Store

Aradhana Minawala and Dhanraj Minawala established the Cai Store, a non-leather shoes and footwear brand. This Fashion and Retail company provides a vast collection, from open and closed flats to heels and wedges in multiple colors. Stay updated with Cai Store on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Trèsmode is a brand synonymous with chic footwear, which made its debut in Mumbai in 2007. Trèsmode’s trendy, fashion-forward designs are created in a studio in Florence. Follow Trèsmode on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Inaari focuses on empowering women to comprehend their menstrual cycles and to live in harmony with them. Pratech, through its initiative, “Inaari,” aims to address women-centric issues. Stay connected with Inaari updates through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Aman Majithia founded Vataly, another exciting brand operating in the E-Commerce, Fashion, Men’s, Retail/women’s sector. They strive to provide fashionable options that suit the taste of their diverse customer base. You can also find Vataly on their Twitter and Facebook pages.


SOIE is a fast fashion brand that manufactures apparel, lingerie, and swimwear. They aim to create clothes that make every woman feel confident and stylish. Find out more about their latest styles on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Saral Designs

Founded by Kartik Mehta and Suhani Mohan, Saral Designs focuses on personal hygiene solutions for every girl to help her embrace womanhood with dignity. They aim to reach women who do not have access to basic hygiene products to manage their periods. Follow Saral Designs on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for their latest initiatives.

Famy Care

Established by Jyotiprasad Taparia and Sanjeev Taparia, Famy Care is a pioneering company in the Women’s Health Care industry situated in Mumbai. Keep up with Famy Care’s developments on their LinkedIn page.

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