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Welcome to the office table buying guide. Perhaps more than any other piece of furniture, choosing a table which functions exactly how you need it to is vital. And from traditional country-style bureaus and writing tables, to sleek, Italian-designed glass desks, the level of choice we have on offer is truly remarkable. 

With office desks available in a variety of shapes and sizes, from individual units to fitted systems, you want to find something which requires little work from you. 

Best Office Tables UK

OISCOPE Home Office Computer Desk

Home Office Computer Desk

L Shaped Desk

Height Adjustable Home Office Standing Desk

Height Adjustable Home Office Standing Desk

Table for Home Office

In order for your new office merchandising to operate seamlessly, you need a desk which serves the purpose of your brand at its very best. Something which complements the environment in which it operates. Maybe you work in a modern office setting. But you could also wear suits to work, so perhaps a classically styled table is more appropriate. You could choose something traditional, or you may prefer more trendy designs and contemporary materials. Whatever you choose, identifying your needs is the first step in selecting a table which will work for you.

Modern Design For Office Table

The possibilities are endless. The perfect table has been designed specifically for you. Unlike with many products, you may search for a table and not find it. This could be for any of the following reasons;

Not knowing exactly what you need. Maybe you want something which looks great, or you fancy something which includes a number of cool extra features. A cheap table may be just what you need, but is it a good one to start your new office with?

Or maybe you have a more precise idea of what you need. Maybe you know that you want a simple desk which can be positioned against a wall, or you want something which will work with some cases.

If you want to get the best office table you should ask yourself a few simple questions.

Does The Table Have Legs?

Firstly, the legs. If you want your table to be mobile, your first decision is whether your table should have legs or not. Good quality tables with legs are often less expensive than those without. This is because they tend to have less like supports. However, there are always good adaptable desks which don’t have legs. You could even chose a compact table which can be placed at the corner of your room. It will look the part, but won’t take up any space.

Who Will Use The Table?

Who will be using the table? Perhaps you won’t be using it much, so don’t waste money on something which you don’t need to. But if you plan to use it every day then you will probably need a more durable table.

You could use individual tables in groups of 10 or more. Some experts would say that this should only be considered if you have different functions, but there is no reason why it can’t be used in a normal workplace if required.

Top Quality Table

High-quality tables are usually more expensive, but some of the most expensive desks could be the most durable. There are very few desk stands which can be broken or damaged. Materials are usually the most important factor when you are looking for the best quality office table. Wood is the most common, next to plastic and metal.

Cost Savings Of Office Table

An important aspect is the cost savings of your chosen table. You must think if your money is limited. The table should fit into your budget. There are no cheaper desks. However, there are more expensive. But what is a good price to pay? If you choose a top quality table then you will ensure durability and the best quality, which in turn will improve performance and workers satisfaction.

Best Table For Your Office

It is always good to have at least one quality piece of furniture in your office. They can improve the appearance and atmosphere of your workplace. The best table will always be individual to you.

Oprah Winfrey’s office is decorated with good taste as well as bright colours. Accentuating the place is her desk. It is inspired by the space-age designs of Italian architect Ettore Sottsass. It comes with a large monitor and a side shelf as well as complete with a spacious desk top.

Many different kinds of office furniture and items can upgrade the looks of your office. We are going to take a look at some of the top office tables on the internet.

It can be a difficult choice as to which one you are to choose for your workplace. A good quality desk with legs is best, because they are more durable and will hold their value for years in the future.


This is a very technologically advanced desk. It has a unique style. Made with neodymium glass, it has reflective, multicolored shades. It is made with chrome and black metal. Can fit any laptop, and has a neat shape, and is a good choice for a mid-range designer table.

Best Tables

This is a very beautiful and classy table. It comes with very modern design and can fit laptops and books. Made with angled legs and curved front and back edges. It is made with a strong metal frame and it has a nice deep feature.

Desk Work

This is a metal table which comes with a classic design. It comes with chrome metal and black beveled edges. It is very simple and will suit any type of office. It has a simple, basic design.

The best office desk can make a world of difference to your working environment. It can set you apart from a lot of other office staff. It can give you an impression of class and can help you feel confident and have a more productive working day. The table you choose will effect your attitudes to the rest of your environment. It is crucial that you make an intelligent decision. The ultimate aim is to sit in the office and feel that your working environment has been improved.

Advantages of Best Office Tables

1 Quality Materials Used- the right materials are also of prime importance. Use a durable desktop by choosing a desk which hasn’t been used previously.

2 Right Shape and Size- it is important to get a table which suits your place. For example, you may not want a large table which takes up too much space. Or maybe you want a table which is always by a window?

3 Space- Efficient Design- it is important to get the right size desk. You should consider space actually. A table which can be placed close up to the wall can be very useful.

4 Storage- adequate storage is key. You should have enough space for your cd’s and cassettes. You may want to store your keys in the table top.

5 Appearance- this is important. You will want a desk which will instantly improve the appearance of your office.

6 Style- it is possible to have something different. You may want a table which can become part of a different area in your office. For example, perhaps you may want a desk which changes color when your computer turns on. You could have a green table when your machine starts up and a red one if it is switched off.

7 Durable- a durable table is one of the most important things. The table should be made from wood which is hard wearing.

8 Appearance- the table we choose for the office should have a design which is attractive to the eye.

Disadvantages of Office Tables

1 Underestimate- never underestimate the real difficulty of making the perfect choice!

2 Accessibility- these days most people only go into the office to work. If you are expected to use the computer then the desk will need to be accessible 24/7. However, if your computer is likely to be used by people coming into your workplace then a table which is hidden out of sight may be more convenient.

3 Cost-table chairs can be expensive – so choose carefully!

4 Size- this is possibly the biggest disadvantage. If you know that you have limited space then a smaller table may be the sensible answer. However, if you know that you have a lot of room then it might not be necessary to get a large table!

Tips For Choosing The Best Office Table

1 Buy A New One – if you plan to update your office in the near future then it is wise to buy a new table. Most people tend to buy new desks because there is a lot of choice on offer nowadays.

2 Choose Pretty – make sure you like the colour of the table. Your office will be very impressed if your new work area is attractive. Your guests will also be impressed if you have chosen a nice colour.

3 Buy a desk that is sold through a supplier. Buying through an online supplier can save you a lot of money.

4 Buy from Your Dreams -if you are looking for a desk inspired by a different time then you will need to buy a French country table.

5 A High-Quality Product – you will want a high-quality piece of office furniture. The table ought to be sturdy and durable. You can also ensure that you are getting a product which is durable by buying from a highly reliable name.

Buying Office Tables Online?

Buying office furniture online can be convenient. There are many different companies on the net where you can purchase this kind of furniture. The majority of the companies have websites which are user-friendly.o

Disadvantages of buying office tables on the net

1 Uncertain Quality- because many companies now sell office furniture through the internet there is a tendency for a lot of products to be fake. You can only buy your office furniture from a company which has established a good reputation.

2 No Choice – if you are looking for a specific theme then you will have to buy your office table from a company that has a theme. No matter how tempted you are to buy that French country table it will not be available.

3 No Choice- as stated above in the disadvantages section. If you are looking for a particular theme then you will have to buy your table from a company with that theme.

Before you know of the standard of company you need to purchase the best quality. It’s not just important that you purchase your tables from a quality company but that you purchase quality furniture. This is one of the most important aspects to consider in regards to purchasing office furniture.

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