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Modern Agenda: Cannabis

Cannabis is one of the most famous drugs. It is often mentioned in popular culture (films, songs, books), and even those who never try it know about its existence. Within the last two or four years, more cosmetics and medicines with extracts of marijuana as well as cannabis flavored food are popping up on the market.

Cannabis: Future of the Medicine

The reason for that is the new wave of marijuana popularity, especially thanks to CBD, which is a part of the plant and has therapeutical effects. Being a natural component, CBD is still not fully learned and sometimes vailed with myths and stereotypes. Some people still believe that CBD and cannabis are the same things.

Cannabis was a tool of medicine centuries ago but today when we know much more about it, including its addictive properties, the extraction of CBD seems to be a new era of using the plant for the best aims for humanity. An example of its benefits is that it can be used to treat some types of epilepsy, which cannot be treated by anything else.

In fact, that doesn’t mean that once you took a pill with CBD, you’ll get healthy. However, the studies show that in some cases seizures are getting less often, in some cases they disappear for years, and in some cases, they disappear at all. This means that complex research and time will bring us to understanding the real value of marijuana, and CBD in particular.

Cannabis: Entertaining Humanity

The other sphere where cannabis is often used is entertainment. The problem here is that it is not legal, but we all know that there exists a category of people who sell and buy illegal drugs. Unfortunately, the government cannot fight that at this point in time. One of the greatest proofs of that is the popularity of dry herb vape pens, by means of which one can consume marijuana or other herbs.

In fact, various types of vaping devices (CBD oil cartridge, dry herb vape pen, wax pen) reflect the consumers’ demand. The thing is that not every person who buys a weed pen gets wise to the real consequences of marijuana consumption. Moreover, even using just CBD, they do not always apprehend all possible effects.

Cannabis: Health Benefits

The first well-known property of marijuana is eliminating pain. This was discovered centuries ago and cannabis was one of the methods to treat pain in the past. 2017 cannabis review by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, it is stated that cannabinoids (CBD) as the active element of marijuana influence some brain receptors which allow a person to get rid of the pain.

It was also found out that cannabinoids can function as antiemetics, which means they help people to control nausea and vomiting. This is especially important for those undergoing chemical therapy at some stages of cancer. In fact, that does not mean that a person with cancer will sit with a weed pen and enjoy the improvement. Mostly, the point is in the use of cannabis element in the form of oil.

The other example of the interaction of cannabis and human health that is being researched now is the immune system. Unfortunately, the data on the issue is scarce. The fact that cannabis also possess anti-inflammatory properties makes scientists think that it can be used for strengthening human immune system.

Medical marijuana may not be universally legal, but in states such as Texas, it is available for medical use. To take advantage of this option, patients must obtain a medical marijuana card. This card serves as proof of the patient’s medical need for treatment with marijuana. By having a medical marijuana card in Texas, patients can legally and safely obtain marijuana for their medical treatment.

Cannabis: Health Risks

The first and foremost possible problem is addiction. Once you have tried cannabis as a cigarette or with a dry herb vape pen without any dose control, you can get hooked to it for the rest of your life. The other health risks include the increased chances of car crash or other transport incidents. Even those who consume cbd only can get too relaxed. Thus, their reaction will get much slower and they would not be able to perform proper manures when driving.

There is no direct link between cannabis and cancer, moreover it is said that the use of CBD can fight some of the side-effects caused by cancer. However, the before mentioned study suggests that cannabis use can help the development of one subtype of testicular cancer. Simultaneously, researchers claim that the paucity of data does not allow them to claim it. The other point connected to cancer says that if a woman is pregnant and consumes cannabis, the baby is more likely to suffer from cancer in the future.

COPD, asthma, and worsened lung function are all types of respiratory problems that come as a result of severe smoking, including the use of a dry herb vape pen. Therefore, though it is not directly linked to the substance, the process of cannabis smoking can have one more negative effect. This shows us that the choice of the methods of cannabis consumption is also important for those who care about their health.

Cannabis also influences some psychological stances. For example, it can be a reason of the development of social anxiety disorder or increase the symptoms of those suffering from bipolar disorder. At the same time it does not increase the risk of depression or anxiety. Probably, it can even help to control the first feature of depression or anxiety. The important point here is not to treat yourselves but to consult a doctor first.

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