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Have you ever thought about turning your hobby into your main source of income? It’s completely possible if you’re willing to take on the challenge. Not to mention, if your hobby is your career, you’re obviously passionate about it, and nothing beats doing what you love. Check out some of the hobbies you can turn into a career.

Baking or cooking

Who doesn’t love baking or cooking? You can easily turn this hobby into something special by opening your own cafe, restaurant, or bakery. If you’re not currently in a position to rent a commercial space, many caterers and specialty bakers have started out of their homes. You’ll get to experiment with food and make dishes that your community will love. Everybody will be telling their friends to go to you for a great bite, and before you know it, everyone will want your secret recipes.


Centuries ago, most people worked in agriculture, and you can still make a living if you love to garden. Start your own farm, rent out a booth at your local farmers market, and sell fresh fruits and vegetables to the community. Alternatively, if you can’t afford to get your own farm, you could maintain your garden and supply goods to your local restaurants. Nothing’s better than a local farm-to-table restaurant. You can get some great gardening tools from Botanex to start your gardening career


Do you shred on the guitar? Maybe you have the voice of an angel—at least that’s what mom always said. You can certainly make a living in music, even if you don’t live in Nashville or Los Angeles. Of course, you’ll have to put your fair share of work in, and you’ll probably play some gigs that aren’t ideal, but every musician has to do it.


Photography is one of the most common hobbies—most people take pictures all the time without even thinking of it as a serious pursuit. However, we’ve all heard about people bringing in good money by shooting one wedding over the weekend, so what are you waiting for? We know there’s a lot of competition in photography, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give it a shot. Read up on how to start a photography business, and you should be all set.


Of course, one of the oldest hobbies that can earn you a living is writing. There are plenty of routes you can take for making a career in writing— you could be a copywriter, a journalist, start your own blog, or publish a book. Better yet, why not diversify your skill portfolio and do a few different types of writing?

Whether you’ve thought about taking your hobby to the career level or not, you better start thinking about it. Plenty of people have turned their hobbies into a career because they’re willing to put in the work—are you?

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