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12% of UK parents planning to move to better school catchment areas.

MyTutor – the UK’s leading online tutoring platform – reflects on new geographic educational disparities emerging out of COVID.

The Halifax Housing Index has revealed that house prices in the UK rose again in September, despite the Coronavirus pandemic, as those working from home sought more space. House prices rose at the fastest pace in four years, according to Halifax, which may come as a blow to parents looking to move in a bid to access better education for their children.

Nationally representative research from MyTutor (https://www.mytutor.co.uk) – the UK’s leading online tutoring platform – shows that 12% of parents will, or have planned, to move to a new house so they can live in the catchment areas of better schools. This comes as pupils experienced the most disrupted year of education – from cancelled exams to the closing of schools for six months.

In the most turbulent year of education for the past 75 years, MyTutor’s research also uncovered the detrimental impact this has had on the education world:

  • 12% (or 1.2 million) of parents will, or have planned, to move to a new house so they can live in the catchment areas of better schools
  • 26% agree that their child feels that their long-term university and career prospects have been damaged by COVID-19
  • 25% agree that as a result of COVID-19, they have been unable to invest in their child’s education in the form of resources and additional support 
  • 26% agree that since COVID-19, there is a visible decline in their child’s educational progression and they’re now scoring lower 

For many parents, however, moving house is simply not a viable option – especially as house prices continue to soar. Education should be far more accessible; and this is MyTutor’s mission. An online tutor can provide personalised, one-to-one education for those pupils hoping to catch-up during this time, from the comfort of pupils’ homes.

Bertie Hubbard, CEO and Co-founder of MyTutor, discusses the use of EdTech during this critical catch-up period:

“Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the financial and educational impact on UK families has been huge, and many are considering moving house to secure a better future. Due to the widened education gap and kids being, on average, three months behind at school, we’ve found that 12% of British parents are planning to move jobs and homes so they’re in the catchment areas of better schools. Others are turning to EdTech as an effective and affordable solution to boost their child’s education while staying put. 

With MyTutor, teens can get affordable, flexible one-to-one tuition wherever they live – all they need is an internet connection. Kids improve, on average, by a whole grade in a term’s worth of lessons, so however much they need to catch up, they can get the personalised support to help them succeed. The events this year have been unsettling for teens too, and having a dedicated tutor, mentor and coach all provides much-needed reassurance; 88% MyTutor students say lessons boosted their confidence in their studies.”

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