How Australian Online Sportsbook Operator Gains US Market

How australian online sportsbook operator gains us market
3 years ago

Not so long ago all of the gambling media spread the news about a big Australian betting operator that entered the U.S. market. BlueBet has signed a contract with the Dubuque Racing Association and obtained the right to accept bets in America for 5 years. Thus, it became one of the first Australian betting companies which can legally open its offices in the country.

It is worth noting that Australian sports betting and gambling industries are growing on a regular basis. Numerous local online bookmakers and real money casinos have long been operating in the U.S. They allow all American players to bet on sports, play ral money pokies and enjoy the quality of their services for free. But why the U.S. market is so interested in Australian companies? In this article, we will talk about it in detail.

1. A Wide Range Of Sports Events

Australian bookmakers offer visitors to bet on all kinds of sports — from the most popular (soccer, hockey, basketball, tennis) to more exotic (floorball, squash, curling). The list for these events is never limited to a few positions, and always represents the full variety of betting options.

Moreover, American players have the opportunity to bet on various Australian sports events. It is really easy to analyze local leagues and championships and make correct predictions. So such nuances and the variety of betting options only increase the player’s chances of winning.

2. Bonuses And Promotions

The biggest Australian bookmakers and the best real money casinos are quite new to the U.S. market. Therefore, they are actively competing to attract a new audience. Companies try to maximize the use of promotional offers, as the main mechanism for expanding their audience. Usually, the best bonuses are offered by bookmakers for registering on their official websites. However, huge companies do not forget about the guests of their physical offices too.

3. High Odds

Experienced bettors know that Australian websites offer great odds. In most cases, they are much higher than in other American sportsbook operators. This point strongly attracts U.S. players and many of them prefer to join Australian bookmakers.

4. Convenience

Every player can save a lot of time by placing bets online as it is not necessary to look for the nearest gambling office and visit it. Having a laptop, smartphone, or tablet at hand, users can start betting from any comfortable location. Also, it is easier for a player to find all the necessary information about the teams and players for proper analysis on the internet. In addition, online users have the opportunity to fully focus on analyzing the event without being distracted by others.

5. Fast Withdrawal

Most of the Australian online bookmakers and casinos give their players the opportunity to make financial transactions by various methods, from bank cards to cryptocurrency. Different lists of trustworthy sportsbook operators and best real money pokies with fast payouts can be easily found online. All withdrawal requests are made in a short time and can take from several minutes to a few days, depending on the type of payment. But almost all types of transactions are made instantly.

6. Anonymity

Many bettors wish to remain anonymous and avoid giving their personal details to bookmakers. This is why Australian websites have made the process of identity verification as simple as possible. Nowadays, they do not require a lot of different documents. Moreover, personal information is not stored on the servers of the bookmaker. Sometimes Australian platforms do not even require a passport photo, and only ask for a document number and player’s name, which can also be changed or deleted in the future.

7. Security

Australian online services are considered one of the safest in the world. Apart from powerful servers and the best software developers, Australia has very strict legislation and a strong banking system. Also, every sports betting website helps to protect players from addiction and allows to set limits on the size of bets and playing time. Such limits and short breaks keep players focused and prevent them from losing all their money.


Online sports betting is becoming more and more popular every year. As a new way of playing, it successfully competes with traditional betting companies. Today even a small website can build a profitable business without having a single office. Moreover, there is no surprise that a growing number of players prefer to bet using online platforms.

Nowadays, Australian online sportsbook operators are gaining the markets of many countries in the world. Millions of players from the U.S. are able to enjoy betting on Australian websites absolutely legally and withdraw money to their accounts without any problems. And the secret behind such a quick and huge popularity is the quality and convenience of Australian online sportsbook operators.

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