How Industries Can Improve Recycling Processes

How Industries Can Improve Recycling Processes
3 years ago

Many businesses want to know how industries can improve recycling processes, but they are not yet ready to commit to any plan of action. There are always reasons to put off doing the work you know you should do. Let this article act as a reminder that now is the time to improve your recycling practices.

Create a Plan

Possibly the most vital part of any new recycling process, business leaders that are looking to make a positive environmental impact must start with a plan. What are the goals of the recycling program? What materials will you take? How will the materials be processed? These are the questions you should ask yourself as you seek to improve your recycling processes. Write it all down in an actionable, step-by-step plan.

Conduct a Waste Audit

Waste audits endeavor to uncover a company’s baseline recycling process so educated recommendations can be made. For instance, a waste audit would want to learn how many recyclable items are thrown in the trash within a specific timeframe, like a week or month. Using information like that, one could learn how industries can improve recycling processes.

Appoint Green Team Leaders

Every person in your company will need to be involved in improving the recycling process if you are all to enjoy the benefits. But there are a few committed individuals that you should give a higher status and say-so in these matters. Your green team leaders should be the first points of contact with any questions about the company’s recycling plan. This will get more people involved and save you more time to think about the bigger picture.

Carefully Train Employees

As you set up recycling in your facility, you will need to prepare yourself for the amount of communication between you and your employees. You will need to explain where they can access dedicated collection areas, how to distinguish between the different wastes you collect, and how to look after e-waste. Specified signs must be put up all over the workplace, and employees must be fully educated on the ins-and-outs of your recycling program.

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