How to Attract Customers to Your Retail Store

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2 years ago

Are you looking for new ways to increase your footfall? The pandemic has been tough for physical store owners, as forced closures followed by shifts in shopping habits left store visits dwindling. But signs of hope have emerged recently, as retail sales rose to 3.6% higher than pre-pandemic levels in January 2022.

Even as customers return, however, it’s important to acknowledge that many peoples’ expectations of physical retail will never be the same again. You’ll need to give people a good reason to travel to your store in the first place – then work even harder to make them come back.

So what are some tactics you can deploy to get customers through your doors en masse?

Make your store attractive

E-commerce websites are often compared to shop windows when people promote the importance of attractive web design. But it’s easy to forget or underplay the power of actual shop windows in attracting passers-by.

Themed and regularly updated displays can easily lure in the casual shopper – especially if paired with an eye-catching roller banner promoting your latest collections.

Offer a loyalty scheme

Loyalty and reward schemes give customers incentives to spend more and stick with you over a competitor. Depending on your proposition, you could offer a free item or money off with every 6th or 10th in-store purchase.

A simple card and stamp scheme works well in many industries. But if you have the budget and want to get stuck into the data, a reward app will appeal to tech-savvy customers.

Hire and train great salespeople

Hiring friendly people that embody your brand is a good start. But to offer an extra reason for people to pop in and stick around, empower them with knowledge!

Having clued-up staff to speak to is especially helpful when comparing different product options or trying something new or unfamiliar. And if they have devices to help them do it, even better!

Make sure customers can find your store online

A large portion of online searches are from people who want to find a product or service near them. It’s essential, then, that your business is registered and easy to find online – so people can quickly discover you, get in touch or find directions.

Create business listings on Google and social media and include accurate contact, address and opening hour information. Encouraging and promoting customer reviews meanwhile provides social proof that you’re worth visiting.

Create events and experiences

Whether they last a few hours or a full week, in-person events offer experiences that customers simply can’t find online.

Deloitte predicts that customers want to see more progressive collaborations in 2022. Is there a relevant cause, organisation or individual you can partner with to address the topics of the day, such as fast fashion or veganism?

If your retail business is struggling to bounce back, try one or several of these ideas to increase your daily visitors.

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