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If you want to get a high-quality website right now, you need to do the following:

  • decide what you need it for;
  • select a constructor to create;
  • choose a hosting and domain name;
  • choose a layout;
  • add relevant pages;
  • connect the payment system;
  • add tools;
  • preview, testing;
  • publication.

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1. For what purpose are you creating a resource?

Before starting to create it, you need to understand what the goals are for the site. This will help you manage your time and resources in the long run.

If you want to sell products, you need to know how you can do it using the site. Will you be able to organize its work, offer discounts, increase sales? It is important to choose payment gateways. The more you set your goals, the easier it will be to plan and achieve success with your resource.

2. Website builder

The simplest solution is to use a website builder. It will get you started without a lot of effort or deep technical knowledge and coding. In some cases, additional website settings options will help. A suitable tool to make a website is to access HTML or CSS files. In this way, you can edit the code, and if necessary, control the site.

Opening an online store, planning to sell services, or want to create a blog. In any case, the Shopify website builder will help. When you create a resource on this platform, you will be able to access themes, adaptive and for mobile devices, qualified support seven days a week in real time, a free certificate, receive payments directly on the site, a complete content management system. This will allow you to organize and fully control the work of the site as you want.

The minimum rate is $ 29 per month. For those wishing to evaluate the capabilities of the platform, a trial version for 14 days is provided.

3. Choice of hosting and domain name

Each site is hosted on a server. Web hosting is all about freeing up server space for a new site. You can get it from your provider. Hosting allows you to make files visible on the Internet.

Choosing a provider is not always an easy task. Each company offers customers a certain number of broadcasts per month, accounts, storage, and other services.

Pay attention to providers from whom you can get the following features:

  • unlimited bandwidth, where you will not need to pay for additional traffic when the site grows;
  • must be PCI Level 1 compliant to protect customer data.
  • ease of setup;
  • high speed;
  • unlimited email forwarding;
  • personal domain.

You can get unlimited and reliable web hosting on Shopify, regardless of the hosting plan you choose. The platform offers a free domain until you can create a personal one.

A domain name can be compared to the digital address at which you can be found on the World Wide Web. This has a good effect on trust, increases the ranking when searching for key queries. You can customize your domain name to make it easier for customers to remember the company.

4. Select a layout

The website builder will suggest templates and themes that you can install in your store. They will be initial accurate when creating the resource. Topics are divided into categories. Shopify has both paid and free offerings. Each of them is easily customizable, allows you to preview. Sales are significantly influenced by appearance.

5. Adding relevant pages

The corresponding page on the resource can mean different things, it all depends on the line of business. If you own a website to trade on the Internet, you need product and collection pages. Subject to the availability of a restaurant, will be required with menus and specials. For freelancers, you will need examples of completed work, a portfolio page. You can even use a portfolio WordPress theme to save some time on building the website.

The site’s mission is not only to promote the business, but to do much more. Must win trust among potential clients, help understand the business. The owner cannot be satisfied with what has already been achieved, otherwise he will gradually lose everything, since competitors are not asleep. Create any page that will inspire trust among visitors, such as buying guides, blog posts.

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