How to create an email newsletter template: Email campaign Structure?

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2 years ago

In the digital era, where using social media to promote brands is in trend, email marketing still exists. If you are thinking about why businesses rely on email campaigns, the simple answer to it is that it works. As per stats, emails can help you acquire much more customers than social media. It can be 40 times more in comparison to Twitter and Facebook combined, which may sound unbelievable, but it is true.

That is exactly why email marketing is still an important component of digital marketing. It is one of the high-impact yet low-cost marketing tools available in recent times. Sending emails not only helps in increasing the engagement of customers but also enhances ROI and drives the success of businesses.

When it comes to email marketing, newsletters are the most common tools used by businesses. However, not all businesses have an idea to craft the perfect newsletters to attract and engage the target audience. The solution of this problem for your business you can find on this website and ensure better email marketing. Companies like Constant Contact can help you create the right newsletters and connect with your potential customers. If you are planning to develop an email newsletter template for your brand, here are a few tips that can help.

Determine the Goal of the Newsletter

Before starting anything, the first thing to do is identify the specific goal of your email newsletter. There can be various different goals for creating newsletters. It can be to get more contacts and generate leads. Or, the goal can be to drive more traffic to your blogs or promote the services and products of the brand. Identifying the specific goal will make it easier for you to prepare the newsletter.

Select an Email Marketing Service Provider

After determining your email newsletter goals, it is important to choose an email marketing service provider. There are a number of service providers available. Make sure to choose the most reputed providers that can offer you the necessary support to boost your email campaigns. Consider the features and cost of the service provider before making a choice.

Decide the Size of the Newsletter

Once you are clear about the goals and have selected a service provider for your email newsletters, the next thing to focus on is the newsletter size. By default, the width of the email body is kept 600px wide by the service providers. However, there is no limitation on the height of the email newsletter. It can be long enough to meet the specific requirements of your brand. But keeping the length of the newsletter as short as possible is important to keep the target audience engaged.

Keep the Design Simple

When you are creating your email newsletter template, make sure to keep it as simple as possible. Most people feel that adding too many design elements can make the newsletter look attractive to the target audience. However, in reality, it is not true. Instead of attracting more customers, it can increase the bounce rate of your emails.

Too many elements make the email newsletter look clumsy and unappealing. So, in order to avoid this, stick to a very simple and professional design. The simple structure and straightforward designs of the newsletters are sure to drive more success for your business.

Customize the Newsletter

In order to stand out unique, it is important to customize your newsletter template. If you have selected a platform that has the drag and drop tool, customizing your template will be super easy. All you need to do is simply drag and then drop the different elements that you want to add.

To make the email newsletters easily identifiable, the first thing to do is add the logo and name of your brand. Next, you can change the color of the newsletter template to match your brand colors. Make sure that the email newsletter template perfectly represents your brand. In short, when the receiver gets the newsletter, they must be able to identify your brand immediately.

Craft an Appealing CTA

The main goal of any email newsletter is to convert more customers. So, you cannot overlook the importance of having an appealing CTA in your email newsletter. Make sure to choose a unique color for the CTA so that it easily captures the attention of people. The CTA must stand out among all the design elements and text in your email newsletter.

In order to encourage the target audience to take the desired action, it is important that you make use of the right action words. Also, be careful about the placement of the CTA. Ensure that your subscribers do not have to scroll much to find the call-to-action. It must be present somewhere above the fold.

Add Images

In order to make your newsletter visually appealing, adding some images is a must. However, be smart about what images you add. Think of some creative concepts of adding images to help grab the attention of customers better. For instance, you can choose to style the images as if they are paper cut-outs.

Create the Perfect Balance

Striking the right balance between image and text is at the core of the success of your email marketing. Too much text in your email newsletter can make it very boring for your target customers. On the other hand, too many images may fail to convey the intended message. Therefore, it is important to strike the right balance.

With the right balance, a minimally designed newsletter can also be inviting and interesting. In addition to balancing the text and images, also ensure that there is enough white space in the newsletter. It will encourage the readers to invest some time and go through the content of the email newsletter.


Creating an email newsletter template may seem to be difficult. However, by following these tips, you can easily prepare the newsletter in a hassle-free manner. Now that you know the elements to focus on, it is time to get started. Develop your own unique newsletter and communicate with your target audience better.

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