Important Steps To Take After a Business Break-In

Important Steps To Take After a Business Break-In
3 years ago

A burglary can rock a company both emotionally and financially. So you should know the important steps to take after a business break-in to make sure that nothing falls by the wayside.

Call the Police and Assess Damage

The first thing you need to do is have any employees still on-site evacuate the area. You should then notify the police and make sure no one enters the business until they arrive, yourself included. You don’t want to destroy any evidence, and you never know if the burglar is still hiding inside the building. So for your safety, you’ll want to let the police handle the initial scene.

After the police leave, you’ll want to immediately take a lot of photos and videos of the scene for your records. You may also need to send them to your insurance later as evidence. Don’t forget to get a copy of the police report for your insurance claim.

Improve Security

A break-in typically occurs because a thief believed that they could get away with the crime in the first place. They identified a hole in your security and took advantage of it. So you’ll want to upgrade your security. For small businesses, you’ll want to consider installing cameras, steel cages on the windows when you’re closed, or any other security measure.

If you have a bigger operation, more extensive measures may be necessary. To improve the security at a warehouse, you may want to consider hiring nighttime or full-time guards to secure the large property. The added security will help prevent future burglars, and it can reassure your staff that this hopefully won’t happen again.

Talk to the Staff

After a break-in, chances are some of your employees might feel unsafe when working. So you should sit down and talk to all your staff to let them voice their concerns. You might also want to consider hiring a counselor to speak to employees who feel like they need a safe space to express their fears. It’s not uncommon for people to quit after something like this, but you can avoid turnover by showing them that your business can be a safe space to work.

Now that you understand the most important steps to take after a business break-in, you can take fast and appropriate action to protect your employees and assets.

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