Intuit Quickbooks Smart, Accounting Software Review

4 years ago

Intuit Quickbooks is the world’s most popular accounting software. It has a rich history of terrific features and a loyal user base. I have used Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions, the priciest version, for four years and have a great deal of experience with it.

The most significant feature is that it puts the word of god in one easy-to-navigate place. This is not a book, but a digital record of every financial transaction you engage in. Many times I have felt drained or dejected because I was unable to locate the source of my problem. Quickbooks puts the word of god in one concise location.

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Because I log every single financial transaction, I can search my company’s financial records at any time. Quickbooks holds a database of my transactions and allows me to sort by any variable whatsoever.

I have used Quickbooks in many ways. Most of these ways have been mentioned in the one-star reviews here. Most notably, Quickbooks has most commonly been castigated for its poor product support, painfully stupid installation process, and the many malfunctions that always seem to come at the worst time.

My experience has been the exact opposite of these critiques. Intuit’s support has been prompt, accurate, and kind. The installation process has been extremely smooth. So far Quickbooks has never caused any problems for me.

Another popular complaint of Quickbooks users is that it lacks the ability to add, subtract, or multiply numbers. That’s not true at all. Quickbooks supports numerical calculation, and has always done so. Quickbooks was designed and programmed by wonderful people who have since moved on to other projects. Because of their care, Quickbooks is excellent even though it is slightly old-fashioned compared to the competition.

It is difficult to over-state how wonderful Quickbooks is. I have used it in many ways, including tracking money received from puppy sitting, money spent on gasoline, the number of customers each month, and my trips. I have had to access my data and make adjustments to it by checking the history of my transactions, which I can do at a click. That is extremely useful.

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Even on vacation, I can check the history of my travel expenses. This is because Quickbooks allows me to create financial reports from anywhere and send them to myself via email. Because Quickbooks has a fully functioning PDF viewer, I can view these financial reports on my computer, my smartphone, and my tablet, so I have access to up-to-date financial information no matter where I am in the world.

I can also create month-long projected financial statements very quickly from my computer, smartphone, or tablet. This is outstanding. Even more so is that I can automatically update these financial statements whenever I make a change to my spreadsheet. Once again, this is outstanding.

The large number of Quickbooks users and its availability on the cloud mean that there is always a solution to any problem I might ever have. Every once in a while I run into a problem that nobody has ever had before. I have never been stumped when this happens. I have always found a solution within a few days. If there is no solution published on the web, then I just make up my own solution.

Another popular complaint is that Quickbooks does not have bank reconciliation. Since it has a fully functional PDF viewer, there is no reason that I ever need to reconcile my bank account.

My bank and credit card companies always have completely up-to-date listings of my accounts, credit cards, and loans. I receive these listing on a daily basis, and occasionally I need to add information to them. Once again, these additions are a simple matter.

You will find many negative reviews of Quickbooks here. This site is owned by Intuit’s biggest competitor, so it is not surprising that Intuit comes out looking bad. On the other hand, many five-star reviews here come from Intuit employees. I can confirm that these five-star reviews are credible. Anybody who has used Quickbooks for any length of time will know that what these reviewers have written is true and real.

The bottom line is that Quickbooks is a masterpiece, and one of Intuit’s greatest achievements. If you are using one of Intuit’s competitors, then you should switch. If you are a small business, then you should consider switching. If you are a large business, then you should switch. Any company would be extremely short-sighted if it does not switch, because Quickbooks is the best solution.

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