Iran Makes First Import Order Worth $10M Using The Crypto Report

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2 years ago

Iran has made its first official import order by making use of crypto. It was reported by the semi-official Tasnim agency. This move could enable the Islamic Republic in circumventing U.S. sanctions that crippled the economy. Such an order priced at $10 million was the first step towards letting the country trade via digital assets that bypass the dollar-dominated worldwide financial system and trading with other countries likewise limited by U.S. sanctions like Russia. This agency never specified which crypto got used in the transaction. 

The ongoing situation

The country registered its first import order to get paid in crypto since the government had strapped for foreign currencies because of sanctions amended digital asset legislation to let locally mined cryptos get used for buys. As per a tweet from the Vice Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, Alireza Peyman Pak, the government successfully fulfilled its first international trade order for almost $10 million in Bitcoin. With this decision, the government is placing the final touches on its preparations for permitting the huge use of crypto for any international settlement.

Now companies can settle payments with foreign partners by making use of cryptos. The CBI and the Ministry of Industries, Mining, and Trade approved such development as per local medical sources. By September’s end, crypto use and that of smart contracts will get hugely used in international trade with target countries. This was mentioned on Twitter by an official from the Ministry of Industry, Mine, and Trade. 

The U.S. imposes an overall economic embargo on Iran. It included a ban on all imports such as those from the oil, shipping, and banking sectors of the country. Tehran is known to be one of the largest economies still to embrace crypto technology. It was introduced in 2008 as one payment tool with an aim to erode governmental control over economies and finance. In 2021, as per a study, 4.5 percent of total Bitcoin mining took place in Iran. It was partly due to the cheap electricity in the country. Crypto mining could aid Iran in earning many dollars. That money can get used for buying imports and reduce the effect of sanctions. 

Cryptos like Bitcoin are very volatile. It makes them impractical for payments on a large scale. On Monday, the EU mentioned that it has placed forward one final text for reviving the Iran nuclear deal of 2015 as four days of indirect talks between Iranian and U.S. officials wrapped up in Vienna. 

Under this agreement of 2015, Iran has curbed their nuclear program in return for relief from U.S., U.N., and EU sanctions. Yet Donald Trump, the former president of the U.S. in 2018 reneged on the nuclear deal. He restored harsh U.S. sanctions. He also prompted Tehran to begin violating the nuclear limits of the agreement nearly one year later. 

One of the poorest countries of the world, CAR or the Central African Republic too embraced cryptocurrency. It was the first state in Africa to make Bitcoin legal tender in the month of April. Last month it even launched its digital coin. CAR’s first digital coin sale had a slow start. It had only more than 5 percent of the target purchased in the hours after the launch, amid various questions regarding the transparency of the project and a bigger downturn in this industry. Thus it baffled a lot of crypto experts and prompted the International Monetary Fund to warn it was not any “panacea” for the challenges of Africa. Last year El Salvador too adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. The project was beset by public skepticism in the middle of the tumbling prices of crypto. 


Iran became a renowned destination for Bitcoin miners because of its less costly electricity. Currently, the country accounts for only 4.5 percent of worldwide mining activity as per a recent analysis. There are nearly 12 million crypto owners in Iran. The everyday cryptocurrency transactions of Iranians are estimated between 30 trillion and 50 trillion rials and over 88 percent of the deals get conducted through local exchange platforms. is the best trading bot used by millions of investors you can invest in cryptos on this platform. 

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