Minneapolis’s Notable Women’s Industry Companies: Leading Business Innovations

5 months ago

In the heart of the Land of 10,000 Lakes, amidst well-documented Nordic culture and thriving performing arts, Minneapolis, Minnesota houses a rich cluster of dynamic companies dedicated to empowering women. From tech solutions to personal wellness, these companies work across industries, unified by the commitment to enhance the lives of women around the globe. Headquartered in Minneapolis, they are part of the city’s vibrant and ever-growing business landscape by contributing to the Women’s Industry in their distinctive ways.

The female-oriented market in Minneapolis is marked by entrepreneurship and innovation. In health and wellness, business analytics, fashion, or nonprofit sectors – companies are making remarkable strides, developing solutions, and providing services tailored to women’s unique requirements. These businesses also mirror the ongoing growth and transformation in the broader global women’s industry. In this article, we turn the spotlight on some notable companies in Minneapolis championing the cause of women.

The companies listed here are transforming the landscape of products and services for women. They are challenging the status quo and enabling greater access, awareness, and opportunities for women. Meet these trailblazers based in Minneapolis.

Visana Health

Visana Health is a wellness company devoted to improving women’s lives who suffer from severe menstrual pain. Assembled by an elite team of endometriosis and pelvic pain experts, Visana Health aims to fix the system failing women globally. Joe Connolly founded it in 2019, inspired by the pain his mother endured for over two decades.


Flyte is a femtech company developing solutions to cure bladder leaks. It offers an in-home intravaginal device that both treats stress urinary incontinence and provides biofeedback, helping patients strengthen pelvic floor muscles at home. Flyte’s innovative solutions provide the dignity and comfort that women deserve.


As a financial data platform, GenEQTY Inc assists banks, credit unions, and fintechs in making the best use of SMB data. It aids in identifying new opportunities, increasing profitable lending, and reducing the cost to serve this large but hard-to-reach market. With a modern, flexible platform, GenEQTY Inc offers a low code white label solution and a suite of APIs that are easily integrated with a company’s core system.

Black Girl In Om

Black Girl In Om is an inclusive community that fosters accessibility, mindfulness, and affirmation for women of color. This online platform creates an encouraging space for women of diverse backgrounds to share and interact through candid conversations and experiences.

Haven Housing

Providing stability for women and their children in crisis via transformational, holistic housing programs, Haven Housing emphasizes healing, hope, and fresh starts. Its work makes a real difference in the life of women who require a safe environment to regain their strength and aspirations.

Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance

This non-profit health organization is making significant strides in fighting ovarian cancer in Minnesota. With a sharp focus on producing an impact through research funding, programming, and awareness initiatives, Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance empowers and supports women affected by this disease.

Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry

Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry contributes to female empowerment through several programs worldwide. Their work involves helping girls and women gain access to education and healthcare and fostering community development initiatives to improve living conditions.

The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis

A community of active, civic-minded women who make a difference, the Woman’s Club of Minneapolis presents a dynamic social and philanthropic hub. They organize numerous events aimed at interaction, enlightenment, and the advancement of the local community.

One Posh Closet

One Posh Closet offers a distinctive shopping experience with a curated selection of women’s high-end fashion. With a commitment to quality and style, it caters to the woman who seeks the exclusivity of a personal stylist combined with the convenience of online shopping.

Invision Distinctive Eyeware

Invision Distinctive Eyeware presents an assortment of eyewear that caters to the discerning tastes of both men and women. It ensures superior quality, style, and service for customers seeking stylish eyewear solutions with professional eye-care services.


LifeShine, founded by Michelle Stimpson, offers personal development and coaching services specifically for women. With a focus on cultivating happiness, success, and balance, LifeShine encourages women to strive for positive personal and professional goals.

These companies are a testament to the progressive, dynamic, and diverse business scene in Minneapolis. Different they may be in approach, these businesses’ unifying characteristic is a commitment to the betterment of the female population and equally contribute to Minneapolis’s burgeoning reputation as a hub of innovation and enterprise.

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