Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Construction Equipment

Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Construction Equipment
2 years ago

Choosing the best construction equipment for your projects is critical to ensuring the job is done the right way. Many differences separate rental companies and machine manufacturers, so you must know what to look for. Avoid the following mistakes when renting these rigs.

Renting From an Unreputable Dealer

Look into the company you are going to work with to ensure they are a reputable source from which to rent. What do their reviews say on their website? Are they trustworthy? Ask other clients what it was like working with the company; if you find someone you like renting from, keep them in mind for future projects that will require specific machines you don’t have in your fleet.

Renting at the Wrong Time

Never wait until the last minute to rent a rig. There will be paperwork and deposits taken before you can start working with the new equipment. If you wait until right before you need the machine, you might choose an untrustworthy dealer, or you won’t find the appropriate machine available—give yourself leeway and start the rental process as soon as you know which machine and business you want to work with.

Choosing Price Over Quality

It will be tempting to go with the cheapest option available to you, but this could mean you are sacrificing the quality. For specialty machines like a kelly bar drilling rig, having one of high quality will allow you to get the project done in a timely manner. Going with a cheaper rig could have underlying problems like the equipment breaking down or none of the added benefits from other companies, such as free maintenance.

Avoid those common mistakes when renting construction equipment. Otherwise, you risk the quality of your project declining. Take a look into the benefits of working with each individual company to make the most sound decision for your own business. Don’t decide on the first deal you see; instead, browse through your selection of companies before permanently choosing one.

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