Need Retail Business Intelligence Software? These are your Best Options

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4 years ago

These 5 companies provide a range of services that should let you find all of the Retail Business Intelligence that may need. With easy to use services like these, the data you need is only a few clicks away.

Echosec Systems

This product was recommended by Ariel White from Echosec Systems Ltd.

The Echosec Systems Platform is a crucial software for businesses – used to monitor active threats, brand reputation, and even breached data. Organizations need to stay threat-informed in order to get ahead of potential online and on-the-ground attacks. These tools help security teams to protect their personnel, company and client information by detecting threats early on, allowing them to act quickly, mitigate damage and even prevent future attacks.

Echosec is a social media monitoring tool that pulls and aggregates data from 18 different sources. It uses unique geofencing technology and advanced filtering to pull data relevant to the organization. Companies worldwide use this tool in order to monitor active threats, loss prevention concerns, and brand reputations. Beacon is a deep and dark web monitoring tool. There is no search engine for the deep and dark web, and both require a TOR browser to access.

Even then, it can be challenging and even dangerous to navigate unindexed sites that are most often used for criminal activity. Beacon is like a “Google” for the deep and dark web, giving users the ability to apply advanced filters. Security teams use this tool to safely view relevant data pulled from dark web marketplaces and discussion boards including planned attacks, leaked private information, fraudulent credit cards, and criminal activity relating to an organization.

Power BI

This product was recommended by Stacy Matyl from ScienceSoft

Power BI is a collection of software tools that help you capture, analyze and present data in the multiple types of reports and dashboards to get:

  • Quick and easy-to-digest sales, inventory and customer service insights to make informed decisions.
  • Sales forecasting to conduct proactive optimization of internal business processes.
  • Consistent reporting to define bestsellers and underperforming products and work out effective upselling and cross-selling strategies.
  • Up-to-date insights to identify market trends and find new ways to increase profit.


This product was recommended by Haegwan Kim from Gaidol

Metabase is an open source business intelligence software that empowers global companies like N26, Gojek, and GlobalGiving. As the software is built on open source, users can enjoy new features, interface improvements, and bug fixes for free. Metabase is highly recommended for its simplicity and robustness to connect with other databases such as Postgres, AWS and Google Cloud. If you need enterprise support including auditing, they’re offering enterprise plans too with paid pricing.


This product was recommended by Sean Byrnes from Outlier

The Outlier automated analytics platform collects and monitors data in real-time, alerting on important moments of unexpected or dramatic change in data, customer and process behavior. As an AI-driven business intelligence solution, it helps retailers identify factors impacting the business, so they can make strategic data-driven decisions. Outlier empowers retailers to optimize marketing programs, react to changes in buyer segments and preferences, find product development or supply chain issues and identify fraud.

Unlike traditional BI dashboards, Outlier delivers a targeted update each day, identifying 4-5 important and unexpected changes so retailers can take immediate action. It significantly improve insight into operations, speed or response and potential to create or protect revenue streams.


This product was recommended by Arin Spanner from Get Virtual

As the operating officer of Get Virtual, I help small businesses get online so they can operate during the Covid-19 pandemic. No tool has been more invaluable to me than Semrush. Using Semrush, I can deduce competitors’ best sellers. I can see which keywords my clients are weak on and strengthen their website accordingly.

I can even figure out where the competition gets its traffic from and divert these clicks to my client’s site. All this information and more is accessible and digestible thanks to Semrush’s clean formatting and helpful advice tips. Semrush is an incredible resource and I highly recommend it to both beginning and advanced business intelligence analysts.

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