Need to Track Your Business Expenses? Make it Easy with these Software Packages

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4 years ago

The best way to track business expenses is through a software that will handle repetitive admin tasks for you. Don’t hesitate to implement one of the following software packages into your business and start saving time today.


This product was recommended by Kenny Trinh from Netbooknews

Apptivo great expense reports apps that offer a lot of value to organizations of any size. It has all of the standard features like mobile apps, receipt capture, support for multiple currencies & taxes, and reimbursement tracking… but it stands out in a few areas. One thing I love is the flexible workflow builder, which lets you enforce all sorts of business policies & multi-tiered approval workflows.

The UI is also modern and easy to configure, pretty much every link or button on the screen can be renamed, removed, or re-arranged. The whole thing is built on a responsive website, but you also get native apps for Android & iOS.


This product was recommended by Allan Borch from Dotcom Dollar

We use Certify because it offers a suite of great features, along with solid reporting at a price that suits our small-business budget. With this software, we can do OCR scanning of receipt images and use the auto-fill features. However, its mobile app takes the cake out of all the bells and whistles that Certify has. Easy-to-use and provides complete, end-to-end process for mobile reporting and submissions.


This product was recommended by Mikkel Andreassen from Dixa

I would recommend Xero for tracking business expenses, as a cost-effective yet powerful accounting suite that can integrate with over 700 apps. Xero gives you over 50 types of reports including cashflow and AR management, all of which are quickly accessible through the mobile app.

The program is intuitive and easy to set up, but what I like the most is the interface that is clean and uncluttered compared to some of the older accounting software such as Sage. Xero can sync with all your financial accounts, keeping them up neatly arranged and easy to browse through.


This product was recommended by Ali Rizvi from Dream Superhero

Expensify is the world’s leading application for expense management, receipt scanning, and business travel.


This product was recommended by Nathan Gotch from Gotch SEO

The best software/service I’ve used for bookkeeping is Bench. It is a semi-automated bookkeeping service. In short, you train the system to identify similar expenses and income. Then after a couple of months, you’ll only need to spend 5-10 minutes on your bookkeeping. The best part is that they integrate all of your bank accounts, so it’s super automated.


This product was recommended by Aleksandra Arsic from Capital Counselor

One of the best things about QuickBooks is that it can track and issue invoices in multiple currencies, making it extremely useful for small e-businesses. Upon connecting the app and your business bank account, you can track your income and expenses in seconds. It offers customizable invoices and recurring bill management, making your business books easy to manage and track your expenses.


This product was recommended by Tricia Lewis from HackEDU

Wave is a free bookkeeping and invoice tool that is functional, but cannot compete with more powerful software like QuickBooks. It’s a simple program with an easy to use interface, and while it does have limited functionality, it’s perfect for fledgling businesses with a simple business model that doesn’t require complicated bookkeeping and invoicing demands.


This product was recommended by Emily Bezak from Emily Bezak Writes

Skyclerk is an easy-to-use, low-cost bookkeeping app designed to help freelancers and solopreneurs track their income and expenses on-the-go. If you have a business that requires you to be out in the field or not sitting at a desk all day, Skyclerk is the perfect bookkeeping solution for as little as $6 per month.

Simply open the app, click the green button to add income or the red button to subtract expenses. Skyclerk also offers Snap!Clerk, a paperless feature that allows you to upload images of invoices and receipts directly to your ledger. The accounting experts at Skyclerk organize and categorize your receipts for you.


This product was recommended by David Walter from Electrician Mentor

I did a lot of research before deciding which business expense tracking software to go with, and ultimately landed on Hurdlr. It’s perfect for a freelancer like me, especially with its automation features. That is one of the biggest benefits. It can also be linked to my other financial accounts, which is quite helpful. It provides tax filing help as well, and there’s a free trial available for those who want to give it a test run. Paid options start at $5 per month, so it’s affordable as well.


This product was recommended by Jane Rusnak from Procurify

Procurify is all about smart and simple business spending. It gives companies the real-time spend analytics and tools they need to regain control of business spending, with cloud-based software that integrates perfectly with any accounting system.


This product was recommended by Samantha Moss from Romantific

I like it because I can manage both my own savings and business money without having to worry about messing it up. It categorizes your budget according to how you spend your money, and at the same time, it calculates your remaining balance immediately after every purchase. And as a bonus, it also gives you tips on how to spend your savings wisely.

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