Prominent Brooklyn-Based Companies Innovating the Young Adult Industry

5 months ago

Brooklyn, New York, is not just a bustling metropolis renowned for its unique culture and architectural charm. It is also home to many innovative and commendable companies operating in the Young Adults industry. From education to health care, charity to performing arts, these Brooklyn-based companies are making a significant impact in their respective sectors. The following companies exemplify this wide field, shining brightly as they shape the future of this critical audience segment.

Notably, many of these Brooklyn-based companies are also intertwined with the powerful wave of social impact and social good, using their resources and power for positive change. They are helping to bridge the gap in multiple sectors by providing vital services and products to young adults and transforming lives in the process. Here are some of the innovative companies in Brooklyn ultimately making critical shifts in the Young Adults industry.

Let’s take an enlightening journey through the borough of Brooklyn and learn more about these individual companies.

Magen David Yeshiva

Located in Brooklyn, Magen David Yeshiva is a distinguished institution fostering unique values within the communities. The institution is synonymous with top-notch education and integral community building in the education and young adults field. Learn more about them here.


BAX, aka Brooklyn Arts Exchange, is a flourishing platform in the art, events, performing arts, and young adults industry. Founded by Marya Warshaw, BAX boasts of innovative arts programming and is dedicated to fostering creative professional artists. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


Charitable giving meets modern technology at Catapultian. Founded by Josh Kovler and Max Evans, this innovative platform handles donor-advised funds, aiming to enhance individual engagement with nonprofits. Get more insights on their LinkedIn page and stay updated via their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Dynamic Youth Community

Dynamic Youth Community is a beacon of transformative success in the health care field for young adults. Under the leadership of founder William A. Fusco, the organization provides effective rehabilitation programs. Follow them on Facebook or connect with them on Twitter.

Drive Change

A committed non-profit operating in the training industry for young adults, Drive Change offers an invaluable foundation for growth and development. Get connected and learn more about their work on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Our Place in NY

Our Place in NY is a remarkable association that makes a significant impact on the lives of young adults in Brooklyn. You can click here to learn more about their activities and initiatives.

Seaside 4 Therapeutic Riding

Seaside 4 Therapeutic Riding, a non-profit organization, is devoted to enabling children and young adults with disabilities to become more active participants in life. Learn more about their work here.

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