Quick Guide To ERP for Fashion Industry

4 years ago

ERP means enterprise resource planning. It is a business management software. ERP is an integrated application that has access to and stores information on all the departments and business processes in a company.

All the information of an enterprise under one roof for assisting planning & implementing decisions having complete visibility-that is the main object of ERP. It helps a manufacturer or other business manage the all the parts of its business.

Benefits Of An ERP For The Fashion Industry

1. Cost Reduction

Cost reduction would be a fundamental benefit of ERP for a fashion industry. This is because this can be done by giving immediate attention to order management, human resource management, materials management, production and planning, customer relationship management, and supply chain management.

All processes for design development to manufacturing are managed using an ERP. This will make the entire business process efficient and cost effective. The designers, marketing managers, customer services, and production managers will all work together using an ERP. Also, the product will reach the customers on time.

2. Sales Growth

Sales growth can be obtained by getting better customers’ response with the aid of ERP. A manufacturer can offer the users of ERP the latest product designs, the best material quality and production facility. An improved business process with the help of an ERP will increase customer satisfaction and lead to increased sales.

3. Increase in Design

Designer’s personal style and fashion changes. In order to market tailored products, ERP can be a good tool to create personalized designs. In addition, the need for a computerized fashion design system can be fulfilled with an ERP. Designation of duties and interoffice communication can be carried out smoothly by using it. Also, the amount of production required for fashion design work can be calculated easily. The new fashion designs can be easily introduced by an ERP, which is a designer’s companion.

4. Inventory Optimization

Inventory optimization can be obtained with the help of ERP. An experienced fashion designer or a creative person can load fashion sketches and designs on the computer system maintained in the shelf. Once the uploaded design is approved, a purchased order is generated from the inventory management section of ERP.

5. Time Saving

Time can be saved by an ERP in the areas of production scheduling and materials ordering. Also, the manufacturing process can be streamlined using it. The designers can draw sketches on the computer, submit it to the production managers, and then the manufacturing will go ahead independently.

6. Quality Improvement

ERP allows all the pieces of information to be available on a single screen for managing and controlling the knitting, dyeing, stitching etc. industries.

7. Improved Work Flow

Physically, your workflow will be much improved by ERP. Because, ERP will be acting as your project manager, as it has every single detail stored in it. So merely by entering a requirement into the input screen of your ERP software, an accurate output will come out. To solve the entire problem, you have to enter what your sales team wants, what your warehouse wants, what your manufacturing people want and what your designers want, so everything will be available to access on your ERP software screen.

8. Lower Cost of Non-Conforming

If you have a computerized fashion design system, the costs of non-conforming can be controlled. You could make a proactive assessment of the situations and tackle it before it causes any serious problem. Once you have ERP software installed in your company, your sales team can get information regarding the product requirements, sales can view the inventory, finance can view the sales requirements, and manufacturing will be able to view the production requirements.

9. The Price Tag of Productivity

When an ERP is used, sales, stock, production planning and manufacturing are all linked together.

10. Time Tracking

You can also track the material life cycle using ERP. The software monitors every single piece of material and stores all the information in a database. This information can then be accessed by all the processes in the company, like production, and material submitting.

11. Asset Tracking

You can use ERP to manage your assets more efficiently and with a high degree of professionalism. Every single process in the manufacturing and merchandise delivery can be tracked using ERP.

12. Understanding Customer Demand

You can use ERP software to accurately determine the demand on your products, if any.

13. Service Quality Enhancement

You can guide your employees in the required direction, and give them work as per their skill level by using ERP.

14. Quality Control Enhancement

ERP will allow you to easily revise and amend existing processes. It provides complete management of processes and shows you where optimization can be done.

15. Improved Communication Between Departments

ERP makes it easier to keep contact with each other in a better way. It will be easier for your marketing managers, design teams, sales managers and production managers to understand the actions to be taken by one another.

16. All the Required Information Will be at One Place

Your inventory, purchase and production information will be in one place. Your sales information and production information will also be in one place. Only then you can give the manager proper feedback and advice.

17. Improved Information Flow

Information will be flowing like a river between your departments. This way you will have full control over the situations.

18. Lesser Errors

The errors are going to be lesser because everybody will know what to do and when they should do it.

19. Reducing Employee Turnover

Your employee turnover will be reduced because of this ERP software. The software will keep you updated on the latest fashions and how you manage everything. This will reduce employee turnover and in turn reduce your training costs.

20. Improved Eligibility of the Desired Skills

This software will easily determine who is eligible for which work and it is going to be easier for you to manage every person accordingly.

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