Raise Your Excel Spreadsheet Game with Simple Sheets Templates

Raise Your Excel Spreadsheet Game with Simple Sheets Templates
3 years ago

Spreadsheets are a great way to organize and view data.

They can be used for anything from tracking your expenses to analyzing international import/export statistics. Perhaps you’ve used an online template or a spreadsheet made by a colleague and fumbled around, unsure how to navigate it without disrupting formulas or formatting.

That problem was one of the core inspirations behind Simple Sheets. Simple Sheets has a library of 125+ Excel spreadsheet templates designed around a few solid principles.

  1. Easy to Use – Their templates come with instructions and video tutorials
  2. Customizable – Built to be flexible with databases you can tailor the spreadsheet to your business.
  3. Visual-Heavy – Dashboards with KPIs, charts and graphs turn your data into business insights.

As we explored some of their templates, we were impressed with their vast library, spanning business categories such as human resources, project management, real estate, finance, data analysis, small business and more.

Excel Spreadsheet Templates for Tracking

One of the reasons why Microsoft Excel is as beloved as it is is for its variety of uses. A primary use of any spreadsheet software is tracking.

Simple Sheets has dozens of templates designed for effective data tracking. Tracking is easy with Simple Sheets as their templates are designed with smart tables, pre-built formulas, drop-down menus for a streamlined workflow, and conditional formatting that highlights data if it falls below or above an acceptable level based on your determinations.

A few of the things you can track:

With a growing library of more than 125+ templates, there’s many more things you can use Simple Sheets to track.

Even more valuable is what happens to your data. Boring tables of raw data turn into exciting and revealing visuals that help you get insight into how to use your data.

To us, this is what makes this product the best spreadsheet templates on the market.

Printable Excel Spreadsheet Templates

Given the visuals that accompany your data, you may want to share your report with colleagues or clients.

A simple, but beneficial feature, is a print button that is directly shown on frequently printed worksheet pages. While you can also click Cntrl+P to populate the print prompt, it’s the little details embedded with every template that makes working in Excel so much easier.

Free Excel Spreadsheet Templates

Simple Sheets offers six premium templates to help you get a taste of their templates before you purchase the bundle. Included in your free excel spreadsheet template bundle is:

  1. Kanban Board for Project Management
  2. Gantt Chart for Project Management
  3. SaaS Metrics Dashboard for Management
  4. Bill of Materials for Manufacturing
  5. Plan Do Check Act for Project Management
  6. Covid-19 Health Tracker for Human Resources

Excel University

In addition to templates, Simple Sheets offers an Excel University course aimed at helping people improve their Excel skills. They do not offer a podcast yet, although you can review our list here.

They have courses designed for beginning and advanced users. Even though we have some experience using Excel, there was a surprisingly large amount of information we had forgot.

Some lessons come with spreadsheets that allow you to follow the training. Many people learn not by just watching, but by doing, so we appreciated that aspect that seems to be a differentiator.

Power BI Templates

Another aspect of the product we explored was their Microsoft Power BI templates, only available through their Mastermind Membership. If you’re not familiar with Power BI, it is a business intelligence tool from Microsoft that allows you to visualize your data even more than you can with Excel.

They are still building their template library so we could find only six, of which included a Profitability Analysis and HR Dashboard for salaries and headcount.

What’s The Catch?

Simple Sheets is a newer brand, having launched in 2020.

As we dove through their template library, we were unable to find any ‘catch,’ that would prevent us from buying, using and recommending Simple Sheets.

Excel is an extremely powerful tool, but only as powerful as our own skills using it. Simple Sheets allows users of all skill levels to take advantage of advanced business processes without the need to code formulas, use macros, or style graphs.

Overall, we recognize the value a product like this offers to many different kinds of people because of their vast library spanning business and professional categories. If you find yourself wanting to use Excel, but aren’t an expert, this product is definitely for you. Even if you consider yourself a spreadsheet wizard, this still seems like a useful tool to save you time.

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