San Diego’s Leading Pioneer Companies in the Women’s Industry Spotlighted

5 months ago

This article highlights companies leading in the women’s industry, located in the beautiful city of San Diego, California. These companies range from healthcare to fashion and software, embodying the diverse and dynamic nature of the women’s sector. Each of these companies has a unique story and approach to their respective industries, showcasing the breadth of innovation and entrepreneurship that this city is host to. These organizations also contribute significantly to the vibrant economic and cultural panorama of San Diego. This article offers a glance at what they’re doing and why they’re significant.

Evofem Biosciences

Founded by Jay File and Saundra Pelletier, Evofem Biosciences serves the women’s industry through its innovative achievements in the health care and medical field. The company specializes in women’s reproductive and contraceptive care, offering Phexxi®; the sole hormone-free, prescription vaginal gel, FDA approved to prevent pregnancy in the United States. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or connect on LinkedIn to stay updated.


Founded by Lana Lingbo Li, SOMI is a leading name in the fashion industry, offering women’s wear. You can connect with SOMI on Facebook and LinkedIn.


CureMetrix, founded by Blaise Barrelet, Homa Karimabadi, Kevin Harris, and Navid Alipour, improves health care using artificial intelligence. The company is dedicated to technology that aids disease detection, improving cancer survival rates. It offers innovative AI-based solutions for women’s health. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or connect on LinkedIn.

Raz International

Founded by Amnon Zakay, Raz International specializes in health care for both men and women. You can find out more about them on their Facebook page, or by visiting their website.

Hoven Vision

Hoven Vision is a key player in the e-commerce and retail industry. They offer clothing and accessories, including floatable sunglasses with seven different lens options. Connect with them on Facebook or through their website.


JIV ATHLETICS specializes in women’s fashion. You can connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or by visiting their website.

Chic CEO

Founded by Stephanie Burns, Chic CEO supports women entrepreneurs by offering easily accessible business knowledge and support systems. Connect with them on Facebook or Twitter.


RSMC is a key player in women’s health care and clinical trials. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or visit their website.


FemmyCycle operates in the healthcare domain and produces consumer goods specially for women. Stay in touch with them via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or through their website.


Sisterlocks, a pioneer in the beauty and cosmetics industry, is known for promoting women’s beauty. You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

San Diego Perinatal Center

The San Diego Perinatal Center offers services catering to child care, health care, health diagnostics and more. Stay updated by following them on Facebook or visiting their website.

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