Seven Cyber Start-Ups complete innovative JVP Play CyberNYC’s program at Margalit Startup City, New York’s International Cyber Center

4 years ago

The Final Global Event of JVP Play CyberNYC’s program paid tribute to a cohort of seven cyber start-ups with applications in a range of vertical markets, representing successful collaboration between leading enterprises. The event brought together prominent founders and tech leaders, as well as service providers and subject matter experts who joined forces with JVP, NYCEDC to support the buildout of the cybersecurity ecosystem in New York City.
The cohort features various cyber themes, including threat hunting, cryptographic management, secrets management, anti-phishing, pen-testing and risk assessment, identity management and anti-fraud, threat intelligence, and endpoint security.
Although JVP Play CyberNYC began during the COVID pandemic, the selected start-ups succeeded in completing a four-month intensive program that included workshops, expert-led sessions, ongoing 1:1 sessions with every company, and a broad mentorship program.
The start-ups are international in nature; from New York to Israel, from Argentina to Switzerland, from France to Spain.
In completing the program, the start-ups overcame the significant challenges faced by all new businesses, made all the more difficult due to the restrictions and obstacles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Addressing the event online from Jerusalem, Founder & Chairman of JVP & Margalit Startup City, Erel Margalit, commented, “We are happy to have arrived at this event with 7 companies that withstood the test of time and are continuing with us from all over the world. Coming together at Margalit Startup City New York’s International Cyber Center.”
He added, “This year we faced a pandemic in addition to everything else that works against start-ups, it was a challenge to hold this cohort together. Despite the world gone crazy, you all continued to do great work and are moving forward building your businesses for your products.”
He concluded, “We appreciate the leading enterprises, prominent founders and leaders, service providers, and subject matter experts who joined forces with ourselves and the NYCEDC to support the buildout of the cybersecurity ecosystem in New York City.”
The seven start-ups that made up the cohort were:
Akeyless secures tokens, passwords, certificates and encryption keys with an enterprise-grade Vault, provided as SaaS or as On-prem, with fast onboarding and built-in scaling.
Cryptosense is an analysis software designed to eliminate crypto misuse and key-management vulnerabilities from applications and infrastructure. Their software offers a tool for vulnerability assessment in cryptographic interfaces that learns the behavior of devices under tests and adapts its attack search from scratch accordingly.
VU is the developer of software designed to safeguard the identity, prevent fraud, authorize mobile payments, and protect IoT. They authenticate voice and deliver proof-of-life through complex algorithms, behavior analysis and machine learning.
OPORA’s platform provides a real-time and continuous view of a customer’s cyber adversaries, exposing and monitoring their network of attack infrastructure, and delivering pre-emptive actions to prevent attacks at the source days in advance of an initial campaign.
King and Union
King and Union is a threat analytics platform intended to unite security professionals and amplify the power of cybersecurity analysts. Their platform provides a dynamic workspace where security operators and analysts can lean in, cut through the noise and reduce the time to address threats from hours to minutes.
Cyber 2.0
Cyber 2.0 offers malware protection, as well as the prevention of CnC and lateral movement of malware within in an organization.
Immuniweb is illuminates external attack surfaces and Dark Web exposure for well-informed, risk-based and DevSecOps-enabled semi-application penetration testing. Their platform is grounded in an intuitive dashboard that delivers risk scoring and holistic visibility into exposed assets

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