Spotify Data Reveals The Top Shower Songs Worldwide

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1 year ago

According to a recent survey by YouGov, three-quarters of Brits shower too much. While there could be many reasons for this, it might just come down to the fact that they don’t want to cut their shower songs short. So what songs are keeping people in the shower for longer periods of time?

New research by UK Radiators has shed light on the most beloved shower songs worldwide, as well as the top genres and artists that people choose to enhance their shower experience.

To find out who the most popular shower artist was, researchers tallied how many songs different artists had in the top 50 most liked shower playlists on Spotify. The results showed Taylor Swift to be the clear winner, with 168 songs featured in the top 50 shower playlists. With over 66 million Spotify plays and her most recent album occupying all top 10 positions on the music charts, it seems that Swifties love listening to their favorite artist in and out of the shower.

In second place was One Direction, with their songs included in the top 50 shower playlists 119 times. Despite being on hiatus since 2015, the boy band’s music is still evidently popular. Bruno Mars came in third place, with 116 song inclusions, followed by Ariana Grande in fourth place with 78 song features, and Rihanna in fifth place with 72 song features.

To find the top shower songs, researchers analyzed all the songs in the top 50 most liked shower playlists on Spotify. The most listened-to song in the shower was found to be “TikTok” by Kesha, with its catchy, energetic beat and iconic opening line possibly contributing to its popularity. Bruno Mars was the only artist to feature twice in the top 10, with “That’s What I Like” (included in six different playlists) and “Versace on the Floor” (included in five different playlists) from his hit album 24k Magic.

To determine the most loved shower genre, researchers tallied the number of songs each genre had in the top 50 Spotify shower playlists. The results showed that pop and its subcategories were the most popular shower genres, with “Dance Pop” coming in first with 398 songs included in the top 50 playlists, followed by “Pop” and “Boy Band Pop”.

Overall, it appears that upbeat, catchy pop songs are the most popular choices for shower tunes, with Taylor Swift, One Direction, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna leading the pack in terms of artist popularity. So next time you’re ready to wash away the day’s stress, consider adding one of these top shower songs to your playlist for a little extra enjoyment. Just don’t forget to turn off the water when you’re done singing or you may end up with an expensive water bill.

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