Spotlight on Chicago’s Trailblazing Firms in the Young Adult Sector

5 months ago

Chicago, noted as a strong business hub, is also the home for numerous thriving young adult-centered organizations. These firms concentrate on various industries, including non-profit, personal development, education, healthcare, social assistance, and innovation management. They offer unique services purposed to improve the lives of young adults, providing them with life skills, assistance, spiritual development, mentorship, and other beneficial programs.

Let’s take a spotlight and highlight these organizations based in Chicago, operating in the young adults industry. Each one of them contributes to the social fabric of the city, aiding in creating a strong community culture within their respective domains. These organizations are pivotal in enhancing the lives of the younger generation, nurturing them for a prosperous future.

Despite the differences in the sectors they operate in, they all share a common goal: to make a significant positive impact in the lives of young adults and the communities they serve. Here, we shine a light on each of these organizations, their work, and how you can get involved or learn more about their initiatives.


GRIP is a nonprofit organization that offers spiritual development, mentorship, life skills training, sports, and team-building services guided by Christian beliefs. As well as connecting young individuals with caring Christian mentors to build solid relationships, GRIP also provides numerous initiatives and resources to promote overall wellbeing. You can get to know them more through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @gripyouth Twitter accounts.


BUILD operates in the domains of charity, education, health care, and social services. While a full description of the organization is yet to be provided, one can learn more about them through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @buildchicago on Twitter accounts.

Chicago Youth Programs

Chicago Youth Programs, operating under the Non-profit industry, hosts events tailored for young adults. You can familiarize yourself with the organization through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @chiyouthprogram on Twitter accounts.

Centers for New Horizons

The Centers for New Horizons helps children, youths, and families become self-reliant, improve their quality of life, and participate in rebuilding their communities. The organization aims to bring about positive changes while partnering with community residents. To learn more, visit their Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

Youth Outreach Services

Youth Outreach Services focuses on the well-being of teens facing challenges at home, school, or within their communities. They provide support to help them rise above these challenges, discover their strengths, and make healthy choices. Their services include counseling, prevention, child welfare, and juvenile justice, among others. Their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @YOSChicago Twitter accounts provide more insights into their initiatives.

Urban Gateways

Urban Gateways operates in the innovation management and performing arts industries. Find more information on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @urbangateways Twitter accounts.

Chicago Compass Counseling

Chicago Compass Counseling, founded by Sarah A. Suzuki, focuses on adult healthcare, training, and wellness for young adults. Learn more about them by visiting their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @chicagocompass Twitter accounts.


Founded by Carl Pochedly, ASPHO falls under the industries of Children Health Care, Medical, Non Profit, and Young Adults. Their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @aspho_hq Twitter accounts provide more information.

Free Spirit Media

Free Spirit Media operates in the Media and Entertainment, Non-Profit, and Young Adults industries. They invite you to learn more about their work through their CircEsteem

CircEsteem operates under the domains of Art, Education, Social Services, and Non-Profit. They invite you to connect with them through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @circesteem Twitter accounts for more insights into their services.

Lincolnwood Baseball and Softball Association

The Lincolnwood Baseball and Softball Association operates in the Sports industry, especially Baseball. They are members of the NAYS and invite coaches and parents to join. More information on their programs can be found on the LinkedIn and @lwbaseball Twitter accounts.

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