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Running an automated webinar is one of the most effective methods to connect to your target market. Unlike a live webinar, you just need to create a webinar recording and replay it using an automated webinar platform. It won’t require you to be there every time you want to host a presentation.

It might sound promising to create a webinar that you can use again and again to introduce your brand and get more customers. However, automated events won’t be that effective if you don’t make them perfect. So, keep reading this blog to learn a few tips that will make your automated webinars successful.

Dos and Don’ts When Running Automated Webinar

Automated webinars can help you reach out to your target audience and use repetitive content without additional resources. To maximize their benefits, consider the following Dos and Don’ts.

Make an Engaging Presentation

There are various types of webinars to use in your presentation. But all of them have pros and cons, including automated webinars. You need to make your content engaging for pre-recorded presentations since you can’t interact with your audience as you can in live webinars. Otherwise, your webinar attendees could lose interest and leave your event. You have to provide them with a useful topic and something to gain from watching your presentation.

Ensure There Are No Technical Issues

Using pre-recorded webinars will give you the time to edit and review your presentation. It’s essential to ensure no technical issues and that your webinar is flawless to make it engaging. So, check your final presentation multiple times before scheduling it.

Promote Your Webinar

Creating an engaging webinar means nothing if people are not aware of your upcoming event. For this reason, you have to make extensive preparations and ensure that people will register for your webinar. You can take advantage of your social media accounts or pages to post about it. In addition, it would be smart to pin your post so that your followers can see it immediately when they visit your page.

Create An Appealing Registration Page

The webinar registration page is the first thing your potential attendees will see once they decide to click on the link and participate in your event. So, you have to make it appealing but simple and easy to navigate to get them to sign up.

Use the Best Automated Webinar Software

Because of the popularity of webinars, there are many automated webinar platforms to use for pre-recorded presentations. However, you can’t just pick anything you find if you want to make your webinar effective. You need to consider the automated webinar software that is affordable but has the features you need. It will ensure that your webinar replay will be done well, and your attendees will find it convenient to attend your event.


Don’t Set Too Many Goals in One Webinar

Using one content to replay and help you achieve multiple goals would be great. But if you try too hard, it can prevent you from making the interesting content you need. So try to focus on one goal per webinar, or only a few, as long as it’s manageable.

Don’t Make Your Presentation Too Long

Usually, webinar attendees leave earlier in automated events than in live because of the lack of interaction. But it can be avoided if you make your presentation interesting and avoid running it for too long. So, get to the point of the discussion and cut the unnecessary parts.

Don’t Forget to Set a Deadline

Since people don’t usually find urgency in automated webinars that they can watch any time, you have to set a deadline for your offer. You can give them discounts for a limited time. If they don’t purchase early, the price will go up, and they will lose the opportunity to get the lowest deal.

Don’t Forget to Follow up

One of the common mistakes when running an automated webinar funnel is not doing a follow-up. People don’t usually purchase products and services offered in a webinar if it’s their first interaction with a brand. For this reason, you have to express the value of what you offer and remind them of what they can get from purchasing. Your follow-ups can significantly encourage your attendees to turn into clients.

Don’t Focus on Getting Sales Alone

Most businesses use webinars to get more clients and grow their brands. But if you focus on generating income alone and give too much sales talk, your attendees will most likely lose interest. Therefore, consider including free training when you run automated webinars, or at least make your presentations informative. You can do the main sales pitch at the end of your presentation.

Start Hosting Automated Webinars

Despite the disadvantages of automated webinars, they come with benefits that can significantly help companies establish their brands. You just need to use the right webinar tools and choose from the best automated webinar platforms. Besides that, keep in mind the discussed dos and don’ts to ensure that you avoid mistakes and do your automated presentations like a pro.

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