Think Green: Ways To Conserve Energy in Your Data Center

Think Green: Ways To Conserve Energy in Your Data Center
3 years ago

Some may think that the idea of a green data center is a mere illusion, but that’s not the case. Modern data centers undoubtedly take up energy, but they are core frontrunners in today’s strives for energy efficiency. Unlike small-scale or organizational-based IT departments, outsourced or external data centers can calculate the true cost of energy use. This brings consequential awareness to the table.

Green data centers not only benefit the environment but the business of companies around the globe. Here’s a closer look at how to think green: ways to conserve energy in your data center.

Data Center Environment: Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring through innovative software and tools is vital to decrease the power drain of a data center. Such power monitoring software isn’t just a nice consideration—it’s a must-have tool to provide real-time analytics. The use of environmental sensors enables temperature monitoring, the determination of energy trends, and the calculation of potential savings.

If usage is not properly measured, how can it be better controlled? The right software helps ensure data centers can meet operational guidelines and improve their overall power usage effectiveness. Don’t forget about energy audits to guide long-term eco-conscious planning.

Infrastructure Design and Planning

The engineered interior and exterior of a facility impact the overall efficiency of its internal equipment. The size and layout of a data center vary, which can cause offbeat energy-efficient practice implementation. Some strategies hold less sustainable impact than others, but leveraging a facility’s design addresses the issue of continual energy waste.

A way forward is clear: green power cabling efficiency remains key to cost-effective data center infrastructure. Don’t overlook the vitality of cords and cable assemblies in the layout of equipment and power distribution systems.

Retrofitting: Optimize Cooling Methods

Speaking of optimization, retrofitting current systems is one of the leading ways to think green and conserve energy in your data center. After all, how can data center operators enhance the current climate control system? Data centers are continually working on improving energy efficiency measures large scale. Innovative solutions and fresh technological methods help maintain a stable balance for ecological longevity.

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